There isn’t anything more universal than life. Everyone has it but only a few realise the potential of it. People waste time doing things that don’t matter,take things for granted,make mistakes and repeat them!
And in the midst of all that they forget to rise above these petty nuisance. Our life was given to us by the creator not to mar the beauty and tranquility surrounding us but to appreciate its beauty,respect its warmth and blend with its character! We live in a way that invites constant fights,aggression,hatred! We forget that belonging to the most advanced life form existing on this planet its our duty to spread harmony and peace all around! We ignore the fundamentals of society and put a question mark on our own existence! There isn’t a better way to feel happy than to put a smile across someones face! You can try it it isn’t too hard! Start with the one you just abused right now and don’t stop until it becomes a habit! Make sure you have the best to give to this society! Have pride in saying that am just one in over six billion with a mission to touch and win the hearts of maybe a hundred or thousand!
Life isn’t all about ones self but how you nurture the world around you! Spread happiness,spread love and the feeling will be surreal!


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