Disowning Technology

Disowning Technology

Have you taken stock of the hours that you spend on Social Media? Be it Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram the thought of living without them isn’t disturbing? Chatting with your friends on Facebook,Whatsapp, and several other popular messaging applications is as easy as one,two,three. Remember the times when you used to wait hours,days to meet your friends at school, coaching classes or in your neighbourhood and talk about the things you’ve done the past week? How you used to get their id’s and add them on yahoo,gmail and msn messenger to stay connected with them from home.
Remember when you would call your friends at home to have a look at the album of your recent vacation? The look on their face, how they felt jealous of you for the things you did, isn’t there anymore! Upload the pictures on Facebook and wait to get as many likes as you can, doesn’t the former sound more exciting?
Do you remember coming back from school and refreshing yourself as soon as possible and heading down to play your favourite sport with your friends. Your mom shouting on you to come up at once and you ignoring her repeated calls. How has it transformed into playing multi-player games online and not even looking at your friends face. The hours you spend playing games on your gaming consoles is no where close to the real life thrill of playing it in the field. The lack if joy of running around the fields with your buddies,your friend shouting on you in spite of standing right in front of you has all disappeared!
Those thick encyclopaedias that you would flip pages of to refer to while writing your projects,the articles that you would look in the newspapers for. What would you do when you couldn’t understand the meaning of a word you just came across. Remember a thing called the Oxford Dictionary that would come to the rescue. Reading those novels that you purchased, the excitement of flipping through the pages and the smell of the books has been replaced by the Kindle and iPads. Ahh!
The transformation in the way you shop is phenomenal! Earlier we used to visit the nearby shoppings malls and spend hours hopping from store to store finding the outfit to suit our need. But that is the past, well almost is! Now shopping has got a prefix to it – ‘online.’ Browse through the online shopping portals that have almost everything. Be it shoes,belts,bags or apparel they deliver them right at your door. No need of taking out dates for shopping now? Does that sound exciting or boring?
People are more comfortable with socialising through social media platforms than on in real life. Some people have dual personalities. The cool and funky online presence and the dumb and boring real life kid. A case of mistaken identity! Eh! Technology has indeed taken over all our walks of life. And here comes a thought into my mind. What if there was an off button? What if we could just cut off from the online world and live through the way we used to? For us it would be easy or more precisely doable. Having been born in the 90’s we have grown up without it’s influence. But what about those who from the time they learned to walk had an iPad in their hands ? They can’t be separated from technology,can they? I would wish and would do live with a life where I could disown technology. No beeps to disturb me, no calls while am sleeping, no unknown requests. Only to live a life in the real sense of it.



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