The Ban Culture!

The title of this article rings bell in your ears? Well you must be thinking I would be discussing on the recent developments that lead to the ban of some websites showing demeaning content.The whole social media has been set ablaze and came in voicing their opinion on the ban calling the government a ban freak. Being a rational citizen of this country I fail to rationalise with the thinking of my fellow citizens who are against it. I mean why??

Why do you have to be with something that does not cause any good to the society. Well now you disagree with me? Go ahead prove me wrong. I seriously would be grateful if you could tell me one way in which it contributes to making our society a better place. 

We are a land rich with culture – 1652 languages spoken,29 states each with their own rich heritage and people practising their different faith! I just want to know where does pornographic websites stand in this rich plethora of cultural tranquility.

The problem is not with the government but the problem lies within us. We criticise the government for everything they do but we hardly appreciate the good that they are imparting through their social welfare schemes.

Take for example the ‘Porn Ban’ -social media went absolutely furious with the government and agitated all their anger through tweets,calling it infringement on privacy and to take it above a few notches an anchor of one of the leading English News channels argued that it is absolutely fine with what an individual does in privacy- even if he has sex with an animal. Yeah that’s absolutely cool. I mean what sort of mindset have we adopted. There are other issues that plaque our society,why don’t we voice our opinions and concern for those things that will have a far reaching and developing effect on our society. Read Twinkle Khanna’s blog on this topic and you’ll get an understanding how it daily affects us. 

Why don’t we promote ‘Swach Bharat’, ‘Atal Jan Dhan Yojna’,educate the poor about the benefits of opening a bank account with so much enthusiasm as voicing are concern against the porn ban. We need to change but this is not how we are going to move ahead. We will have to let go of things that have a bad influence on our society only then can we move forward as a developed nation.




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