HOW TOLERANT ARE WE – Don’t fall for the trap of the media!

Mr. Aamir Khan is the latest entrant in the politically heated debate of defaming India and projecting it as an Intolerant country!

I have great respect for him,the perfection and justice he brings to the characters he portrays on screen but after watching his statements on Intolerance am sure to say say that he has lost out on a very avid fan of his. I always admired your work whether it had been Ghajni,Taare Zameen Par,Rang De Basanti! Not to forget about the TV show he hosted where he highlighted the evil practices of the country but at the end urged all of us to do something and Make a Difference! 

But Mr. Perfectionist sir I have 4 words to say – YOU’VE LET ME DOWN!

What kind of Intolerance are we talking about? The kind of tolerance we are still showing for Congress members who go outside India and talk about removing the present government in collaboration with the country who has killed most of our army men and the innocents in our country! I hope they had given a thought on collaborating with them and eradicating terrorism,we wouldn’t have to witness the barbaric 26/11 attacks then! 10 years of Power made them restless and 18 months of being out of power(thrown-being more appropriate) have made them so desperate!
Instead of painting India as an Intolerant country why doesn’t he and all his fellow like minded people come out with a strong message to the youth of the country. Spread the message that terrorism won’t be tolerated and we will make all efforts and statements to eradicate this plague! Why don’t you and others come out and say that we should not be silent on terrorism – Let us raise our voice and stand against it. This would do more good in preventing terrorist organisations from radicalising the youth,given the great fan following you have than picturing India as Intolerant! I dint hear it from him on Paris attacks or maybe he chose to be not so vocal. 

There have been incidents which have been condemnable – but even before this government took charge and believe me those were far worse than this!Have you ever spoken on crores and crores of rupees that were looted by the previous government! Why this selective rage and outcry! We have always lived in harmony and please don’t say it has changed because it has not! A few isolated incidents cannot be projected to be representative of the mirth of all the 125 crore people! When we say that incidents of terrorism cannot taint a religion as supporting it we should be equal in saying that in the same way a few incidents cannot be stamped on the envirprevailing in the country!

And the most shameful thing was about leaving the country! How the hell can he even think about this ridiculous idea!! I think this is what you call “CREATIVITY”.When there was widespread corruption and poor were poor fed did Kiran Rao tell him about giving away the immense amount of wealth they have,out of the sense of concern and fear for the children of the poor and the condition of the latter? 

This actually makes me think you on par with Congressmen. Look how you have lost the admiration we had for you!

Let’s talk about the Media now! 

Firstly,Dr. Subramaniam Swamy had announced a day before about holding a Press Conference on his disclosure on Rahul Gandhi. So I switched on the TV at 3 pm,the stipulated time of his press conference. It had been half and hour past 3 but having browsed through all news channels I couldn’t see a glimpse of his press conference being cancelled and so I concluded that it must have been cancelled. But to my surprise his revelations had been made available on the internet( his twitter handle(@Swamy39). The allegations were that Mr. Rahul Gandhi held British citizenship and hence stands disqualified from holding Indian citizenship and also as a member of Parliament! Can you imagine how much TRP would telecasting this could have fetched them given the nature of charges. But why did they chose not to. 

And they did only after 5 hours when it had become the number one trend on twitter. You see! 

Secondly, ED has sent a notice of around 2000 crores for alleged violation of FEMA(Foreign Exchange Management Act) to NDTV. Shouldn’t media talk about it? 


PS – I don’t think Aamir Khan deserves my fan following anymore not until he has made clear India is not what media projects! Am not watching him on screen again!!


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