The companion Within!

Broken up recently?

Unable to cope up with exam pressures?

Best friend broke your trust?

Not able to concentrate on your work?

Add to all these the approach avoidance syndrome and the usual easier giving up attitude.

Don’t get bothered much because you aren’t the only one going through it,there are many around you living with the same feeling as you!

All you need is a companion.

A friend whom you can talk to,hang out with or love doesn’t necessarily summarise the meaning of a companion!

Find your companion not outside but from within. Look inside. This way you will prevent yourself from falling into the depressed phases that are a consequence of the situations mentioned above!

The only thing bound to stay with you for the rest of your life is yourself! No love no matter how much greater,no care no matter how much deeper can ever suffice the joy and happiness of the companionship of one’s self! As it essentially eliminates the union of 2 individuals bound to in constant conflict,with one individual and his inner self thereby preventing alienation in the further course.
Look within and understand and derive your potential. There is something unique in everyone of us. Some have the fortune of finding it within while some get lead to their potential by an external realisation- through an individual or an incidence.
Discover the writer in you,composer,photographer or the orator. Make the companion you desire!
Make the camera your companion-

Capture the vibrancy of nature,the exposure of one’s personality and present it to the world in the fashion you desire. There’s too much to capture and much more to express.

Make the pen your companion-

Let the thoughts flow through your head and onto the paper. Absorb the beauty of the nature and surroundings,understand the tranquility in its existence and present it in your own unique style. Don’t be bothered of following a pattern but rather create your own way of writing.
Make the instrument your companion-

The strings of the guitar,the keys of a synthesiser or the bow of the violin make them the tools of your voice and let the world hear the music. Music brings peace and calm to one’s being and spreads love in unison.
Make the adventure you crave for your companion-

Travel across the length and breath of this land – discover what is left to be discovered. This world knows too much about the fancy and the attractive destinations. Make that extra effort of going to the places that will enthral your imagination and give an experience that will be make it worth!

Make the companion by embracing physical and spiritual existence-

Meditate,work out or jog,get set with the thing that brings greater peace to your self. Make it a point of doing the thing you do regularly because it takes 4 weeks to get accustomed to a way of living but just a day of not doing makes it all fade away.

The companion you have a quest for is not to be found in another but in yourself. There is much more to this world than what meets the eye,there is much more to an individual than what he shows to you and there’s much more to you than you can ever think of!

So find the companion in you!


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