Giving away so much!

I gave all that I had

Without expecting anything to get

I had gone as far as I could

Without ever looking back!

I dreamt about the way ahead

Without knowing that it would be thrown to waste.

There were times when I was so high

That love,nature,music all felt the same

A smile shining on my face

A bright spark arising from my self.

My heart was at content

There was so much at peace

Love was never to end

But felt like a beginning without an end

Dreams seamed so close at bay

Efforts seemed worth the pain.

And then came the time
When all fell apart

Dreams lay shattered

Hopes were battered

Cries were halted by

Fake smiles of pretence

It never felt this way

Coz it was never suppose to turn out this way

All that you could give was given

And as much as you could take was taken

There were ups and downs

There were The Bests and the Worsts

It was all a part of something true

There was divinity in its existence.

Looking back at the journey from beginning

It was indeed worth every pain

For being able to have the strength in

Giving away so much!


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