The Indian Army Man!

The Indian Army Man!

Have you felt the thumping ground

When an army-man walks around.

Have you seen the silence that prevails

When he sets his gaze all around.

Have you heard him shout out loud

When he salutes the national flag.

Have you ever set your gaze on him

When he enters an operation ground.

He stays up all night,

Guarding till the break of down.

He stands firm in the cold,

Patrolling till the end of winter.

He is ready to die for the country,

Without ever giving a second thought.

He finds his pride in serving his motherland,

Until he breathes his last.

Courage,duty and service to the land,

Keeps fear,rest and doubt at bay.

Love,care and concern for the nation,

Makes their time pass without a holiday.

Tough,difficult or harsh be the situation,

They don’t think before facing it.

War,flood or riot be the event,

They always perform at their best.

I salute the courage and valour it takes

For the men to show their pace.

I bow to the selfless service they give

In making the country a safer place.

I thank the family of the martyrs 

For letting the gems walk on this land.

I take pride in saying to the world

That this is my INDIAN army man!


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