My heart skipped a beat!


Driving down the road,

Sitting on the front passenger seat,

Looking out of the window,

And observing the warmth all around

I saw her sitting on the bench

And my heart skipped a beat!



The smile that I saw again,

The same that always made me want her even more.

The eyes that always shinned so bright,

The same eyes which used to look into mine.

The way she was sitting at the bench,

The same careless and carefree attitude all over again.

The way she laughed while talking on the phone,

The same which made me love her even more.

The faded memories all came rushing back again,

And my heart skipped a beat! 



Her hair seemed to be coloured brown

Her face seemed to be swollen now

Her smiled seemed a bit less cheerful now

Her style seemed to be a weird to me now.

It was when the car took a turn

And I got a better view now,

That I realised it was not the one I used

To worship till,until now,

But someone too inferior to 

Match her pedestal -Wow!

Though realising this even now,

My heart still skipped a beat,AGAIN!


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