Happiness Program: A happy that persists.

Happiness Program: A happy that persists.

Stumbling upon the stones that come down your path sometimes you find somethings which eventually makes these stones turn into diamonds. We seem content with the desires of what we don’t have rather than in being content with what we have. Constant pursuance of materialistic pleasure, climbing a floor to reach the luxurious destination and then climbing on and on to successive ones without ever getting the feeling that we always thought these things would bring to us – Completeness and Contentment.

I had been holding back from joining the program due to self constructed ego of contentment but finally surrendered one day from it and joined the Happiness Program which changed the definition of completeness and contentment. Waking up at 5 o’ clock in the morning to reach my Kankurgachi centre for my 6.15 to 9.15 am course seemed way too difficult to do and certainly a lot harder than the usual staying up all night and consequently sleeping through the day at times, but having the company of my fellow mates-my wonderful mother and two of her friends along with my friend and a friend of my sister who enrolled for the course along with me made it somewhat possible. And it would certainly be a sin to forget to highlight particularly my friend who came all the way from the South side(New Alipore) of the city, around 18 kms away to the North side(Kankurgachi) of the ‘City of Joy-Kolkata’ to do the course in the wintry mornings for a whole one week without giving it a miss.

The course as heard from my lazy and sleepy-head sister who turned into an energetic and a workaholic personality after the course,would be a life changing experience. So with high expectations and low energy we entered our centre – a simple ground floor garage turned into an Art of Living centre at one of the many lanes of the Kankurgachi. The first day seemed a bit uncomfortable and weird as is usual for all of us when being around new faces, and the mind without any control judging each other without even anything about knowing each other. But then as the hours passed by and as the week went by the strangers turned into US and US into FAMILY. Our teachers or ‘Gurus’ were Devarshi Bhaiya- a dentist and Satakshi Di- a fourth year engineer. They both made us laugh, kept us at peace and made us forget everything that we had left and come in the morning and the only thing that stayed with us was our present.

We started off the first day with a bit of Yoga and freehand exercises. Knowledge- the element that has been considered supreme in our Indian culture was one thing that we could never have complain about as it was showered constantly during the the week. Our Gurus were very interactive and answered all our questions with all the knowledge they had and all that we could do at the answers they gave to us was marvel. The day ended with a short meditation session after which everything seemed to be in a state of content and satisfaction-heart, mind, body and soul. My friend felt so good that he told me that he dint even feel the need to have a look at his phone-which is something none of us could ever imagine as our phones seem a more integral part of our lives than the things that actually matter-values.

On the next day, which we were told we would witness a life changing experience was something which all of us were eagerly waiting for and evidently none of us could ever forget in the days, years or lives going to come-what we had experienced. And true to their statements it was actually a life changing experience. ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ – a routine which is the core of the course was awaiting us. Sitting in our asanas we followed the instructions of our Gurus word by word, method by method and after the conclusion of the routine the feeling that I got and certainly the rest 18  participants can never be expressed in words. The one and a half hour routine energised, rejuvenated, freshened and lighted us up. The feeling before we started the Kriya and after completing it was like the difference between two different worlds, heaven and hell. Before the Kriya we were sleepy, dizzy and lazy but after doing the Kriya it felt like a gush of energy had entered our body. The feeling of calm, completeness, contentment, joy, happiness and positivity was all because of this simple routine which is actually very easy for everyone to do. It as an experience altogether which is to be practiced by an individual and preached universally after mastering it. It is not bound by religion, countries or faith as evident from the fact that a hundred and fifty million people all across the globe have learned this art which has indeed brought great positive changes in their lives. We are indebted to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji who brought this to us and profound happiness along with it. Sudarshan Kriya is one of the best or maybe the best thing so far that has ever happened or rather happening to me and it is all because of Guruji. The feeling after doing the Kriya is surreal. There have been noted observations that this Kriya does bring in stable levels of antioxidants in our body but no science has been able to prove how or map the way it energizes but they do recognise the difference before and after doing the Kriya and the difference is indeed positive. This is the depth of the routine. Having doing this Kriya for a few days the thought provoking effects that I have come across at my individual levels are:-

  • Waking up early- as early as 4.30 am sometimes without feeling the need to stay inside the blanket for a bit long even during this cold chilly mornings.
  • Being able to work through the day-writing during the mornings, office, and college and then playing some music after coming back home and it doesn’t tire me at all.
  • A positive attitude towards life. Enjoying the present moment come what may be.
  • Ability to understand things and individuals from a broader perspective.

These are just a few of the things that makes me feel all charged up and a better person al together and the only difference in me a few weeks back and now is embracing this gift – ‘Sudarshan Kriya.’ And am not the only person who feels this way. Meeting people who have done this course or workshop at the projects of Art of Living I find a smile on their face and happiness which can hardly get unnoticed. One can never imagine that happiness can be so easy to achieve or rather feel.

Human nature is such that it doesn’t accept what it doesn’t understand but there are some things that should be experienced before it can be understood and ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ happens to be the latter one.I would therefore encourage you to enrol yourself in Art of Living centre next to you and experience happiness that does not fade away but persists.


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