A Street Dog’s Everyday Tale!

A Street Dog’s Everyday Tale!

Walking down a south Kolkata road

Passing by the border fences of a park

Quite away from the honking cars

Being isolated in my confronting thoughts,

But Observing the nature all around me for long.                                                                        

I stumbled upon this sleeping dog.



Laying carelessly on the pavement floor

Resting as if living in a fantasy moment,

For he was away from the hardships of the day

After passing his way thorough the pitch dark wintry nights,

Observing the prominence of this moment

One could imagine the tale of his days.



Waking up to feel hungry again,

He would wander hither thither in hope

To find a meal that would fill his empty stomach.

As the cars would rush past by,

He would bark for the sudden acceleration,

Warning the driver that the car could hit someone-again.

Bullied by the likes of his kind.

Stones pelted by the children of the shabby slums,

Would signify the end of his everyday.



He marks his territory carefully.

And barks if anyone enters it intentionally.

Runs after them who challenges his claim

To signify that this is under his observatory.

The nights would seem to be tough

With no protection from the wintry turf.

But somehow getting through night,the sun would rise again.

And end the tale that would again begin in the same way!


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