Negligent before,Responsible now! 

Negligent before,Responsible now! 

It is evident from the daily going ons that the country and the world faces some dangerously uncontrollable problems which unchecked now would only lead to disability of democracy and equality for the future generations to come.Let us try to understand some of these problems from the lens of an logical and mature human being.

1. Politics- Now this is one of the most dirty jobs for the centuries to come-or at least this is what is perceived to be by the people. Politics of today has reached such a stage where even having an opinion against the politics of the ruling party is considered to be being political rather than being vocal about ones thought. If we look at the politics of today from a deeper perspective we will find that it is actually our fault to have brought it down to such levels. Since a few decades politics has developed the image of a career that is very evil. Corruption,Polarisation,Lobbying are considered to be the core values of todays politics and neglecting our responsibility to correct this has actually fostered the politicians to misuse the democratic machinery of the country. We say that politics is dirty but what have we done to remove this dirt? Simply by voting once in 5 years won’t change the political landscape. One has to accept the reality and take up the responsibility of cleansing the system. When books on our shelves catch dirt do we leave it like that and let the dust pile up or we take a brush and dust it? In the very same way we must make efforts at washing away the dirt that has caught up the political system. One can argue that we once supported an anti-corruption crusader who has done everything what he said he won’t but who turned out to be a joke and a big mistake, but I can counter you with the view that the freedom fighters were able to overthrow the British after centuries only through consistent and persistent efforts. So it’s time we take up the responsibility before it is too late.

2. Cultural ignorance – The youth of this country is very vocal and articulate in portraying their opinions through the medium of social media apart from the traditional print and news channels. They come out in large numbers and protest in large numbers against the minutest and the greatest of causes. Sometimes even going to the extent of revolting against the Guru of the institution. But when it comes to upholding our culture,the present generation is way too ignorant to realise the fact that their survival depends upon it. If you talk to a GenY individual you’ll realise that they have ambitious goals,want to explore and adventure with life but their values are hollow because their upbringing has been somewhat incomplete in a way. The fault lies with our parents to a major extent as to they feel satisfied with the feeling of becoming modern in disguise of actually becoming westernised. Our cultural richness is evident from the fact that many successful billionaires and achievers of the west have turned to India to look for contentment,be it Julia Roberts,Hugh Jackman or The Beatles. In times of adverse situations they found happiness in a place where the natives themselves run away from it-India. 

3. Media created Fantasies – The rise of media monopoly is one of the major threats that is detrimental to the welfare of the society. If an individual has been observing the mainstream media as well as the Social media one would draw stark differences in the perception created by the two. A pattern that I have personally observed is that news channels and print media showcase news that would incite most tensions and disharmony in the society. Running debates at length and asking illogical questions,shouting over each other but never bringing out the facts in front of the people. A second pattern that has been observed is that the media takes up certain issues and telecasts them round the clock while neglecting others them for days and circulating it only after it catches up much furore in the Social Media. This again showcases the selectivity and gross error on the part of media houses in portraying the information.

4. Terrorism – It is very unfair to brand terrorism to be associated with a particular religion but it is equally unfair to completely disassociate oneself from the sensitivity of the situation. Terrorism is on the rise again and at an alarming rate. Innocent youths have been recruited from different paths of the world by brainwashing them to believe distorted facts. Terrorism is itself an act of war on the whole race of humanity rather than targeted religions and communities. It is the grave truth that terrorist organisations are using the name the religion. So it is equally important that religious leaders across all communities join hands and propagate and promote that religion has no association with terrorism. If religion is used to hunt people then it is also important that we make the youth aware about the true values and morals the religion teaches us. This would do more good than coming on news channels and propagating the peaceful and tolerant quotient of ones religion by self styled messenger and avatars of god.

So it is time we take up responsibility that we will not be ignorant, we won’t be sitting idle but we will become the elements of change. 

One of the famous quotes that I have read of the freedom fighters is:-

“For Your Tomorrow,We gave up our today.”

But the today was not what they expected had expected to be like.

Let us also stand together and say:-

“For your hard work we are living peacefully today and from our hard work we will let the generations to come,to live the same way.”


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