Smile that persists.

Smile that persists.

They came across each other at the intersection opposite the Vardaan market,one of the most favoured shopping destinations in town. The market is spread across two floors and one can find clothing,accessories and everything else that one could think of while on a shopping spree. After a long shopping gala time the icing on the cake is the food stalls that adores the perimeter of the market. Two food stalls none can resist even while going through the area are of Agarwal’s Paw Bhajji & the authentic Vada Paw counter opposite the Himalaya Optics shop. The Chaat stalls are spread across on the footpath in front of the main entrance that leads to the market on the Camac Street. This place becomes the hot spot for the students of the St. Xavier’s College during the break in the evening to fill up their hungry stomachs. If one walks a little more down the Camac Street one would find 22 Camac Street which houses popular restaurants and lounge apart from Multi Retail shops.

He saw her with her friends smiling and looking as beautiful as ever before and laughing louder than ever before. He could see that she was happy and that was enough to get a broad smile on his face. Even though he had been broken since the day things had ended,he was smiling still. The only reason was that all that had mattered for him was her happiness,her safety and her well being. Though it had been months,he had not been able to get on with the fact that it was over because it was never meant to.The frequent meetings in the evening,the everyday late night conversations and the long soothing hugs were not to end ever but to persist forever. There were times when they had been through difficult situations but had always eventually emerged stronger and closer out of it together. It was not as if it was a casual thing for the either but rather something so strong that it couldn’t be expressed in words by either nor they could imagine it to be experienced by anyone. There was an air of divinity when they were together and a sense of apocalypse when not.

He wanted to talk to her,ask her how she was,how she had been doing,how was her college going,was she taking her medicines on time,was she taking care of herself. There were so many questions to ask but not one he could actually ask. She slipped passed him without noticing him. He dint cry but did indeed feel a bit hurt. But then he smiled again,smiled because for him acceptance was much greater than rejection. He had accepted that what they had was the best that life could give and what she will get will be even better. There’s no hate,remorse nor any grudge against her because he had loved her way too much to fall prey to these peculiarities. For him she was an angel-divine and complete. He worshipped her,admired her,loved her but more than everything cared for her-truly,madly deeply and immensely. Asking her questions, calling her up late at night when she was out to know that she was safe and how soon would reach home were something which he could not resist even though she would get angry by it because her safety was of imperial importance for him.

He turned back and stared at her,her hair falling on the face which she put behind her ears from her right index finger. All the memories came gushing back- the times when he held her soft hands, the hard times when he pulled her close and held her up tightly in his arms to tell her he was there and things would turn better.The frequent visits to new restaurants to explore and implore different kinds of cuisines,the sudden happy coffee dates and the long never ending drives that they would go on together,not to forgot the walks they went on even if their legs hurt badly.The longer he kept staring at her the farther the world around him kept going.

He was so deeply enthralled in love that reality escaped his mind. Lost in the serenity of the moment he failed to realise that a car was coming from the back which hit him hard and threw him 20 feet off the ground. Suddenly as realisation dawned he searched around for her but there was only a flash of white light. He was thrown face up and all that he could see was the bright sky above him. He saw her smiling face in the clouds-innocent,cute and divine as always. The image in the clouds seemed surreal, the moment seemed never ending and the feeling inexpressible.

He fell on the ground,broke his ribs and legs,blood coming out from the deep cut on his forehead but his lips were an incredible sight for a man dying. You could see him smiling even though there was blood spilled all around him. For some it may have been a relief from the pain and the hardship but he was a of different kind altogether.He was smiling and feeling happy because he had seen his prized possession,the love of his life, his only companion,his soul,his everything and he had seen her happy. That is all what he had wished for since the time she came into his life and that is what he got when he breathed his last.


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