Knowledge & It’s Pursuance.

Knowledge & It’s Pursuance.

Right from the time of birth the urger that a human baby is born with is hunger.The hunger that the infant has is sufficed from food. As he grows up and understands the human values he develops the hunger for mother’s love and affection. And as the infant passes through different stages- kid,boy,man,husband and a father the horizons of his desires and hunger keep expanding. But the ultimate desire that prevails all across the stages of human life is the desire to know more and more – the desire of knowledge.

Knowledge in the Indian culture has been given the ultimate importance. ‘Gyaan’ as it is called in the Indian language is one of the core principles and basis of the Indian civilisation and culture. The Brahmins are worshipped not because they are well versed with the mantras required during the puja’s but because they are the source of immense knowledge for the people. They have given up their lives to understand the virtues of human life and in return earned what is of prime importance for every individual being- RESPECT.

The spectrum of knowledge is so vast that it cannot be narrowed down to a particular disciple or a particular source but that which is universally gathered. Knowledge gathered should turn into learning which would eventually become a practice for a person. For the knowledge to translate into learning and further into practice there are three facets that one must understand viz – Facts,Experiences and Subjectivity.

The most easiest way through which knowledge reaches us is through the factual and evidential representation. Human mind is susceptible to logic. It discards what it cannot understand and accepts whole heartedly what it does. When something is presented to us in the form of a validated and non contradictable way it is instantaneously registered by our brain. The knowledge that we get through this facet is conclusions of results that have been statistically validated, evidence of existence,etc. This type of knowledge easily translates into learning because their is very slim margin for the brain to contradict it.

The other facet through which knowledge reaches us is experience. The human brain grows through experiences which results in the increase in the number of synapses in our brain. We grow,we experience and we learn. Some things are such that it cannot be explained or factually represented to anyone. You just have to experience it to realise the very existence of it. When an individual gets a job he is told about the roles and responsibilities he is expected to perform but the knowledge on how to deal with his team and work is only gathered through his experiences. How his team mates react,how his work can be modified are all understood after a reasonable amount of experiences as these cannot be simply fed into the brain. Love,intuition,spiritualism are some of the knowledge that one can transpire only after experiencing it by his own self.

Now the last facet about knowledge is subjectivity. One cannot simply move forward with the notion that the knowledge that one has gathered is all pervasive and uniform across all situations. This is because the knowledge gained has an amount of subjectivity in it’s application. For example if you are passing by a pond and you see a fat man drowning. You are aware that scientifically, statistically and based on your experience you cannot save the man because you will end up drowning yourself with him. But then your personal self opinion prevails and however trim the chances might be you jump into the water to save the drowning man. This is subjectivity in application of knowledge. Now this is the reason for when the students sitting in a classroom are taught the same subject by the same teacher in exactly the same way give different answers when asked about the same topic.This is because there is an element of subjectivity in application of the knowledge one has gained.

One must always be open to receiving knowledge in any form and way it be possible.Nature,teacher,family,relationships and friends all have immense amount of knowledge candies hovering above them. It is only on us who can decide how much we want to pluck and what we want to learn and then eventually apply. Be in constant pursuance of knowledge because that is the way you get to know more and understand more. Widen your horizon about perception and reception and enlarge the spectrum of your application and evaluation.


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