Happiness To Embrace ☺️

Happiness To Embrace ☺️

Being happy is the most amazing feeling one can experience. The reason for being happy may be small or big but the feeling is truly surreal. We feel happy when we are with our friends,there is celebration when we get what we expected to get and we feel content when we accomplish what we visioned of completing. Happiness is all around us and even within. There is no person who can say they can’t be happy and if they are saying so that is because they don’t want to embrace happiness because of self constructed ego of being susceptible to the change from the mundane life they are going through.Yes we may be happy. But can we be happier and lighter? Can we have a happiness that will persist and not perish the very next moment. The answer is a simple yes and the solution is an even bigger YES! When situations deteriorate and things start falling we are unable to hold on to ourselves and start falling down with them instead. Our happiness subsides and our reason for living and going on,falls apart.

The attitude and egoistic character that we possess of I,ME & Myself leads to one’s self destruction. Caring about MY priorities,MY happiness,My success leads us to no where. But if we strive for an effort to expand our horizon of happiness then the ME that we all have should be transformed into a WE. Sit down and think about the things that makes you happy,no matter the way in which it may,you will realise that majorly it is only our happiness that we care about. Getting the things that we want to by hook or crook. But when we place our source of happiness in the welfare of others it is unequivocal. Think of 5 people that matter the most to you and define your happiness to be in theirs. You thereby give yourself 5 times more possibilities of being happy. You won’t be bothered if nothing great happens in your life but you will be overjoyed to see it happen with them. And that is the essence of happiness,right? That which will last and that which will keep coming.

I’ll tell you about a fine little incident. One of the days during the monsoon season last year I stepped out of home for college in the afternoon. It suddenly started raining and all the negative and unruly thoughts started gushing in. I started cursing nature for bringing the adversity upon me. The dogs barking,the dirty puddles and the rain drops somehow succeeding in managing to wet me up even though I had an umbrella right above me made me feel at unease. This lead to the gratification of negative emotions and thoughts that drew an evident conclusion of life being in such a sorry state. But then a sudden thought struck my mind which resulted in an experience that lead to a very sound realisation. Amidst the lows I thought about celebrating and living each moment and incident,irrespective of how bad or good,happy or sad,good or worse it will be,with a smile.I pulled my self up from the complaining attitude and decided to smile at all the unwanted incidents that would make me react totally otherwise. I saw a car while walking on the road which seemed to have been left unwashed since almost a month and I smiled. I put my foot on a puddle and I smiled. I saw the dogs barking and fighting with each other and I smiled. I smiled when the car kept honking,when the autorickshaw driver behaved rudely for me not having change and I kept on smiling even long after. I smiled till the time I came out of the subway station on the southern part of the city to take the ten minute walk to my college on Park Street and finally entering the classroom. I was happy till the time I went to sleep that night, certainly more happy than ever before. I retired from complaining that day and I celebrated all the occurrences to my joy.

This brings us to the conclusion that we fail to realise the happiness that is all around us and it is we who are too ignorant to embrace it. The sight of leaves falling down,the sight of sun rising at dawn,the sight of bright enigmatic flowers blooming in the spring are examples of the plethora of happiness that we have fail to absorb. We want happiness to come knocking at our door while the irony is that it is already at our door but it is we who are too lazy to get up and open the door.Our perception about happiness is in fulfilment of the materialistic desires rather than in being at content,peace and calm from within. Learn to be happy and spread happiness. Let the smiles on other people’s face arise out of the positivity and vibrations radiating from you. The selfless attitude of nature by giving without being asked for it,is an example of the life’s many merry songs which we should all be dancing in.


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