Doing Away With Lazy (:

Doing Away With Lazy (:

We find our mind wandering to places even when we are working on something that requires our complete attention. We find ourselves lost in our thoughts which only leads to passing of the time at hand and piling of work.
If we try to discover the reason for our mind wandering to places it would seem difficult to do so at first. But if we dig deeper it would give an answer that would seem to be complex at once and yet so simpler on further dwelling. We sit without any work for long which eventually results in doing only one work that we all love to – think,think and only think. Thinking is healthy but thinking and not acting is disastrous. We may have ideas arising out of our imaginative thinking but lack of actions to implement it will only lead to self doubt in our execution. Our ideas maybe good but not trying to implement it by staying in our imaginative and fascinated state may well lead to building up of the lack of confidence.
To make the feeling of being lazy subdued we must understand the need to bring a change in our routine. Being lazy is not a character but it is a habit. So the only way to make it fade away is to change our habits. Wake up early and breath in the fresh air,it will sooth your mind. Do yoga and medication that will charge you up by expanding your mind and manifesting the element of focus in your working. Complete exhaustion will prevent laziness from cropping in. Stop being in the state of awakened dream and start getting into the state of action and work conclusively.
Utilise your time to bring constructive ideas into reality. Stop being a procrastinator and start doing the small things that you had been delaying since long. Wake up to the reality and go with the flow than being just an idle spectator.And when you won’t have the time to be idle,working will actually become a habit and laziness a thing of past!


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