I Was Good To Go

I Was Good To Go

I pulled myself up from
The perils of life
Wounds were so deep,
Pain too much to bear.
Time seem to stand still,
Hopes were like broken strings
Life had never been any messier,
Happiness stopped being my thing.

Looking inside made me feel hollow,
Glazing outside made me realise the sorrow.
It was not only me that was suffering
But the ones more deprived than I ever had been.
I decided to bury the pain deep inside and
Put up a smile right across my face.
And be an agent of change and
Work for everyones betterment.
For I had become too selfish with my own greed
To care about the needs of far greater importance.

And then it finally dawned on me
That extending a helping hand
Was what would make a hundred smile And That would sooth my heart from the core
This is by far the biggest learning
And I was good to go.


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