Responsibility In Being Selfless!

Responsibility In Being Selfless!

Care,affection,love,concern and alike feelings arise out of being responsible towards other things or people. We have seen people all around us caring for their loved ones-parents,siblings,friends or children as it may be. They clench on to their dear ones not because they are trying to control their existence but because they care for their betterment. 
A mother nurtures her child in the most effective and loving environment she can provide for even though the resources at her hand maybe limited. A boy treats his girl like a princess and cares for her safety and security because he feels she is a part of him and it’s his duty to make sure she feels the most loved person in the world.The girl cooks meals for him,wants to give her the best and the longest of kisses,cuddles and wish him good morning in her very own different way,hold him tightly when he is low to make him know that she understands him the best and that she is always by her side.

Even the animals who stay together in herds and packs make it a point of caring for each others need the most. These feelings arise out of a sense of belongingness and togetherness. It is manifested even stronger through the lack of greed,expectations and being selfless.
There are three stages in which responsibility manifests. 

First is the Self –    At this stage it is only me and I that one cares about. This is when a person is most selfish and filled with greed. One simply doesn’t care about what is in the best interest of others but only about his personal desires. These people have a strong sense of ego boiling in them. They hurt others intensely, break them apart without caring about the consequences because it is only the self that they feel responsible for.

Second is the Mine or Our stage – 

 At this stage one cares about the people whom he considers are a part of him. Love and care nurtures for others while joy and wisdom showers on his own self. He brings happiness to others out of the care and affection he bores for them and in turn he feels at peace and ease in their betterment. He is not ruled by greed and evil desires of his own but blossoms as a caretaker of his loved ones.

The third stage is being selfless – 

  The greed and desires for the own diminishes and the welfare and betterment for all manifests. One’s consciousness expands to horizons unimaginable and unperceivable by others. One thinks about the welfare of humanity at large. One is not controlled by the selfish and mundane perils of life. He believes in giving what he gets and takes only that is given to him out of selfless belongingness towards him. He believes in collective betterment and universal upliftment. These are the kind who are spiritual masters and preachers of peace who have an aura and a presence that can be felt from continents far away. They are the most divine beings as they shower love all across the spheres without even expecting acknowledgement in return. Their responsibility is not only for the the ones they know but also towards the unknown. 

Being the most advanced species on this planet it is our duty to rise above our self and nurture a sense of togetherness in this world. We have fallen to new lows for we have started existing only for our very own self. We have decimated the feeling of belongingness and collectiveness to a large extent. It is not necessary that you have to be at the third stage- selflessness but one should definitely rise about the self and try rising to a place in between the second and third where there is a sense of responsibility arising out of belongingness towards not only the ones for whom we take them as a part of us but also for the humanity as a whole to an extent. Only then will the world you see now embroiled in political,economic and power hungry selfish greed will be transformed to a divinity and a humanity that exists in peace and celebration of joy.


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