This Too Shall Pass.

This Too Shall Pass.

Are these the times when nothing seems to past.

A heartbreak,a serious fracture,a broken trust,a mislead path or a humourous laugh. 

Just thing about the moments alike – when it had been worse and the suffereing had been deep. It seemed that you would breath the last and the world is all falling apart. No way seemed to lead you out of it and suffering was in tranquility.

Think about it and realise that it has all been left in the past. No matter how big the problem was it does not exist for now. You braved and held your ground and you are happy now. Learn from the past and live in your present.

Sit back and realise that this too shall pass.Have faith in a greater source,cheer up on a lighter note. As it had before and always will,just keep this in your mind that –

“This Too Shall Pass.”


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