The Ultimate Being

We all think of being the ultimate,the invincible. To be perfect and supreme apart from others is what everyone desires. But be cautious as this is not the natures order. Perfection is just a myth. The most beautiful of flowers do fall down,the wildest of animals do get hunted,the prettiest of faces do loose their glaze. So why should we any different?

Do not compare just be happy with yourself. Don’t judge others nor get affected when others judge you. Be the playful self-childlike. Learning all your life and growing. Let nature be the one to nurture you and not the desire of a character. Smile because it’s your right,laugh as it will spread wonders all across. Let things be left undone,let work not be 100% but don’t let the world see only the 10% of you.

Do this and what you will be is not perfect but what you will feel will be beyond supreme and perfection. A joy that has no end and a life that is a celebration. This my friend is an ultimate feeling of us the being.


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