Sometimes it may happen that the things-people,place,principles you have utmost faith on is made redundant when questioned by someone. The questions actually turn your faith into shackles of the unknown and the opposite of what you believe is made to be believed. 

But this is the time when your faith is actually put to test. When you start searching for the answers for the questions the non- believes ask,you go on a higher awakening. Because when you find your answers your faith becomes more concrete and strong. You surrender even more to the master,wisdom or knowledge. Your doubt is superseded by ever enriching faith again. 

So don’t let non- believers bother you. Take them as a catalyst who were sent to brush up your faith and enlighten you with a higher consciousness. When a pole is put in the ground it is shaken to see how firm it stands. In the same way your faith shakes you up to get a sense of your sincerity,which in turn leads you to clarity.


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