Love and Peace All Across

Love and Peace All Across

Flowers of varied colours and smell
Are worshipped and adored by all.
Then why should discrimination on basis of colour
Be living amongst the human form.
Small or big,strong or week a tree maybe
With righteousness they purify the whole world.
Then why should strength be a factor.
To judge the might of the human form.
Species diverse have been living in harmony
So why can’t we break the barriers and live together.
Wind,rain,hail and snow are all
The forms of the life sustaining element -water.
And in the same way there is only One Divinity
Known to us by different names and in different forms.

We look for love and peace all across
But nature has shown that we have it all.
Let us rise above and do the wonder,
The world has been waiting for.
Let us come together on a mission
To spread love and peace all across.


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