The Magic of Innocence.

We have all been a child once. Small yet big from the heart,unaware yet the one loved by all.Recall the divine innocence in your smile,walk,talk and your love. If you see the children all around you,there is nothing else you feel for them except for an unmatched and blossoming love and affection. 

An idea is conceived in our mind with a sense of innocence. When we think of doing something,we already have a preconceived idea of the outcome or result which in turn results in the innocence of your intentions getting disappeared. Our ego takes over and our thinking gets maligned. My idea,my plan,my target and my achievements leads to an isolated ‘ME.’ We loose the essence of the transcendental being. One that surpasses all the perils of materials to witness the blossoming joyous nature. 

Be childlike in your heart. Let your act be mature and your deeds be of a grown up but let your heart be like a child – ever innocent and pure. Drop the ego,drop the attitude of a doer-ship and make it all smiles. Let innocence blossom in your heart that nurtures love and joy all around. You will then see your efforts bore fruits much more sweet and wonderful than you could have every imagined.Be the child you always were and walk the earth in the way that would spread divine love.


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