State Of Bliss (:

State Of Bliss (:

Bliss arises when you are in a state of peace and contentment. To be content you must need to get hold of your swaying desires. Desires drift you away from the present,it takes you where there is no enjoyment but only tensions. It puts you on a conquest whose result is not certain but your desire of the outcome is definite and failing to achieve it leads to inner chaos and conflict.

Getting over desires doesn’t mean becoming one who doesn’t seek,it simply means you have to remove the greed and feverishness inflected by it. Having ambitions,goals and dreams are a natural thing but getting feverish about it is something which should always be avoided. Many a times you have been forced to do things which you never wanted to do or had never expected to come up but after getting through it haven’t you felt too good to express. This shows that everything is not under our control but how we take up the situation certainly is.Just go with the flow. Be dispassionate,be contented and rejoice in your nature. Spread love and happiness all around and let loosen yourself from the egoistic strings because that is the way to be in a state of perennial bliss.


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