Moving ahead with an ease

Moving ahead with an ease

Dreams can be the master,
But don’t let it become the character.
Your ambitious maybe big and bold,
But don’t compromise on the efforts.
Your expectations may be high,
But don’t let the result undermine your determination.
Critics and haters will try to pull you down,
But you should let love make peace with it.
Oppression and isolation will come in the way,
But being dispassionate will let you cope up with it.
Destiny may not seem to be in your favour
But you always have the freedom on how to perceive it.

Come what may,don’t let it control your play,
For it is only you that can make a change.
Times will be bright and times will be dark,
But seeking will always take you to the divine.
Let faith and wisdom nurture your nature
And you will keep moving ahead with an ease.


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