The Divine Existence.

The Divine Existence.

We are all a part of one divine source of energy. The mind, body, emotions, breath, feelings continuously intermingle and upon expanding brings us to the realisation of the divine creation.The cosmic energy, Prana, element whatever it may be called in scientific or spiritual terms, across religions or as maybe perceived by everyone in there own way but the fact is that it is only ONE that exists in each and everyone of us.

Think of the electrical equipments all around us. The lights, fans, refrigerators, air conditioners – all are powered by the same source – the electric current that flows through the copper wires running all around our house. Now this electric current gets transformed or converted into different forms of energy – light, heat, sound,etc.,depending on the equipment it reaches to. Different equipments have been built for different purposes and they vary in their size, colour, appearance, structure and purpose. But the source that powers them is only one. In the exact same way there are several species differing in appearance, build and structure but they are all a part of the same divine existence. A man is no different from an animal, neither is an animal any different from an insect. The same thing is the basis of their existence – breath,food,water. All that we see have been made up of the ‘Pancha Tatva’ – Five Elements :-


These elements transpire in different proportions to result in the creation as we see it in everything.

At first all these seem to be unscientific and illogical. But meditation expands your consciousness to bring you to the ultimate realisation – there is one divinity and it exists in everyone of us. ‘Eko Devah Sarva Bhootaantaaratma’ which in Sanskrit means ‘Divinity (one consciousness ) permeates the entire creation.’ All the sages and Rishis have always emphasised this since time immemorial. Me, You, That and Everything is part of a We that binds us together as one. Once this realisation dawns love transcends all across. You might have noticed that when you are happy you look at the flowers and marvel at their beauty, their fragrance or it might have been other way round. This is being in and realising about the divine existence. You somehow feel the connection and transfer of emotions without any effort at all. The world needs peace and love to combat the hatred and disregard being spread all across and it will manifest on this planet only when this realisation of – One Divinity dawns. One is neither big or small, good or bad, to be loved or hated but simply we are all One. Be the wise one from whom this knowledge spreads all around, bring this to the light of the beings and that will bring you close to what the divine wants all of us to do – ONE WORLD FAMILY.


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