Obsession To Realization.

Obsession To Realization.

Obsession is an illusion for it lasts only as long as the thirst lasts. Once the thirst is quenched the obsession vanishes only to show the lack of permanence coexisting with it.But being dispassionate is the realisation that does wonders unimaginable. You get rid of the continuous and longing attachment for the things or for the people.You save energy by not living feverishly,there is a lot of positivity as the negativity subsides and the time at your disposal increases exponentially as the mind relaxes in the inevitability – that is the present. 

We have a tendency to oscillate between the past-thinking about the memories that make us feel largely sad and regretful. Or we may be preoccupied always in thinking about the future which tenses up our mind. Both leads to loss focus,a disturbing consequence of the phenomenal oscillation. The only thing that could save us from this is living in the present moment. Drop the obsession and realise the inescapable dispassion. Don’t be baffled at the idea of being dispassionate for it does not mean total disconnection but simply means to loosen the mind by not attaching yourself in something that manoeuvres you to loose the essence of the present moment. Our joy and gratefulness lies in being associated with the present moment. The past cannot be undone and the future cannot turn out exactly as planned but the only thing in our hands is how we decide to live our present moment – calm and cool or worried and tensed. Living happily is easy but our character has been to such uncertainty that it seems that it has become natural to feel that nothing comes easy. It’s all about the attitude that you adopt which defines the gravity of the situations that turn up in your life. We have been told that there is a pain lying deep within the hearts of the most jolly people but the actual truth is that there is only bliss and joy deep within. A child never thinks about what he had done or what he is going to do but simply enjoys the present moment with full enthusiasm. The only thing stopping us from living happily hereafter is choosing to not move away from this escapable obsession to an inescapable realisation.


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