Why Do We Have To Be Like This?

Why Do We Have To Be Like This?

When there is so much love around.
Why does the hatred makes more noise?
When there are people doing selfless service
Why is it that the terrorists are famed more?
When what matters is the respect you earn
Then why is money becoming a mans worth?
When speaking truth should be the way
Why are lies spread to favour a selected few?
Why is there more talk about freedom
When there is lack of righteous action?
Why is there so much of slaughtering
When the big fat meal is just a luxury?
Why are so many trees cut down
When beautification is not the cure for environment.

Why has the man grown so ill
That he has become so ignorant?
Why does he think that the world is for him to rule
When only one capable is the nature?
Why does the man need to flex the muscle
When he is just a puny in front of the natures mirth?
Why have we moved so away from the wisdom
Which had enabled us to continue our very existence?
When all that we take to our grave is nothing then
Why have we developed the greed for everything?


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