Start Of Something New!

Start Of Something New!

The start of something new brings a congruence of feelings along with it. There is excitement,enthusiasm,joy,forgiveness and much to the satisfaction-completeness. You are filled upto the brim with love,affection and care towards others. Your attitude becomes like that of a mother looking into every small detail with utmost care and concern.

You must have noticed the joy brimming out of you at the seasons first rain,the childlike excitement at wanting to get wet in the rain is surreal. What greatness personifies your character at the sight of the first rays of the sun is just inexpressible. You must have felt the deep resonance when you hear the birds chirping early in the morning. The union of two people in a divine bond brings in great joy and expectations. The birth of a new-born spreads scrupulous affinity all over the house. It is a momentarily ‘being in a heaven feeling.’ You drop all the tensions,ego,self- esteem and become one with everyone. No matter how much hatred and grudge one might have against you,you are simply not going to allow anything to affect you.

Look and observe the beginning of new things in your life and others. You see a feeling of celebration all around. Whether it is the opening of a new shop, a baby on his way to the first day to school,commencing of a new factory set up, launch of a new technology or maybe the start of a new relationship. It can even be trying out on your new makeup kit! There is an atmosphere of festivity and celebration all around. You want to do the best that you can with the new that you have at hand. If someone asks for more than what is due to them,you don’t shy away instead you embrace them with open arms. Such is the nature of new things.

There is going to be a lot of struggle and hardship accompanied by a bit of unrest but never will your spirit fall down because you know that it is a part of the new. Nothing can be perfect nor would be the new but you can obviously accept this and enjoy the new with utmost love. Be sincere in your efforts and commitment and don’t worry about the payoff for the result will show but surely not at the pace you expect. It will bring joy and fulfilment soon because you were sincere in your intentions and not feverish about the results. So keep on brimming and let on the love radiating and live on to the fulfest. 


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