Could Have Been Mine!

Could Have Been Mine!

You were no less than a deity
Whom I worshipped with much reverence.
You were the evidence of the divine grace
For you had much energy and joy radiating.
Your existence was the only reason
For me to live and breath.
Your smile would make me feel elated
Which even the gems would not succeed in doing.
Your company always made me feel
That the whole world was right next to me.
Your innocence was what I always cherished
For it made me marvel at the God’s best creation.

Situations changed and so did we
The love got faded with the passage of time.
Our paths become too different to be aligned.
Our priorities changed to suit are selfish needs.
We both become too full of our selves,
We both started living our own individual selfs.
It was for us to decide on how to take it further
And figure where would it lead us now.
Both our efforts to get back together
Seemed to be accompanied with much pain and to be in vain.
And the only reality that seemed to exist was
To accept that you could have been mine.


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