Make Your Mark.

Make Your Mark.

It is the time of the year when students would turn into believers and parents into devotees. It is the phase where all is laid in the hands of almighty and the belief in efforts of the man becomes negligent.It is characterized by frequent visits to the temples, false oaths of quitting on your bad habits and showering wealth in charity. You got it right my friend, I am talking about the most remarkable milestone in your life – your board results.

You wake up at 11 in the morning at the ferocious jiggle by your mother and are asked about your result. You are totally caught off guard and in your dizziness try to figure out what the hell is happening. It doesn’t take you long to realise that your board results are out – thanks to Times of India’s notification: – “XYZ Board declares class 12 results.” Now all you want is to be in solitude. Your result is something which you perceive so personal that the first time when you log in to see it you want to be totally alone. Doesn’t matter how much you respect your parents and listen to them nor does it matter how madly in love are you with your girlfriend or boyfriend. This is supposed to be your moment of complete loneliness. You log in to the website and arrive at the beautiful message that boldly states – “Enter Your Roll No.” Some might right away succeed in entering their roll number – the nerdy, by-heart-learning type while others call on their friends to find out about their roll number – the careless and uncaring ones. A month of examinations and a couple for preparations were not enough for them to memorize something that eventually would unlock their key to the future journey of their life.

You type in the roll number and check it several times to make sure it is right and upon surety you click on the Submit button. Tada, the results are displayed. Now you keep on staring at the results and your emotions may be swinging to disappointment, satisfaction, disheartening, contended and for a few it may even be emotionless,surprisingly or maybe not so surprisingly! But one thing is for sure,what you feel is the last thing that is relevant to the society in relation to your board results. Tring- tring your phone starts ringing – 20,30,40,50 missed calls! Yes your moment in the limelight – you are in demand the world over but for the reason you would have least expected to be in. Your uncle, aunt, siblings, relatives and friends are all interested in you or more specifically your results.

The chatter-batter of the relatives will eventually pass and you would be least concerned about what they feel because the greater task and aim at your hand is to get selected in the college of your choice. Your results certainly are a reflection of the college you will be going to. It may be the prestigious one or the unpopular doomsday type. The results is the deciding factor for the stream that you will be eligible to apply for. But don’t be too fathomed and gripped in its play for this is not what will get you to the place that you have desired or been seeking since long. Indeed this moment is tensed with momentarily feelings of regret and dwelling on why you dint work hard to get that extra mark, why did you watch that extra movie during the night which you could have spent studying otherwise,which certainly wpuld have pushed up your per cent by a couple points. Your mind will keep on swinging like a pendulum – thinking about the ambitious future desires which seem to have been eroded with not so ambitious efforts put by you in the past and this actually makes your present miserable. You had worked sincerely round the clock since the past few months certainly not to arrive at this juncture of dejection and sorrow but to be in a celebratory expanse. The moment of joy is here but your ability to grasp it has faded, albeit the mans desire to out perform the other leading to an under- performing individual self.

Remember one thing my friend, this too will eventually pass. You may not get what you wanted, you may not have been able to enroll yourself in the college or the stream you desired but you will definitely be somewhere, somehow because life does not narrow your prospects but it brightens and opens them up. You may want to be a lawyer but your admission results may not have been up to the mark, so what? You can always come back and try again next year. If that is too much for a asking then just dwell upon this my friend that if you indeed become a lawyer won’t you gather all the strength to continue even after facing a defeat in your first argument? Then why should you accept the defeat right at this moment? If your are so passionate about it then why not come back with a bang and a greater perseverance? This my friend applies to streams all across. Be a CA, Doctor, Economist, Scientist – whatever you may want to become, there will always be a second chance if you fail in the first because the world is for you to conquer and not be conquered in it.

Academics are important but what matters more is your attitude in life. You will definitely make a cut in one of the institutions but to stand out in the world you do not need a crutch disguised in the form of a prestigious institution. There are areas beyond the ambit of institutional education that are far more important in enabling you to shape the brightest future. Your ability to deal with adversities, face the diversities and live with perpetual creativity is of paramount importance which have far reaching impacts on your success than your schooling. If you are sound and good academically but have no ability in communicating to the others then your academics is of no use because you will not be able to utilise it to suit any purpose.  Your knowledge of the subject is necessary but what is more necessary is how to communicate that knowledge. Never giving up is what will take you forward, facing what comes is what that will make you stronger and accepting failure as an opportunity is what will lead you miles ahead.

Personally, I was also disheartened at my board results scoring just a 66 in Maths, when below 90 would be laughed off but I was determined in getting into the college I wanted to, St. Xavier’s College. At the same time I was prepared for the worst case scenario of ending up in Bhagu(ask a Kolkatian about it!). But guess what? I ended up completing my college from St. Xavier’s College and the remarkable thing is that I never even had to enrol for admission in Bhagu. With not so great marks in my board exams I had given in everything in preparing for the entrance exams and eventually ended up in the best college in the city. If not this then I would have been in Bhagu, right? So what I would have still have been a graduate! So my friend don’t be caught up in this frenzy of setting the goal of being in the elite instead be the elite who radiates energy makes his presence felt even wherever he walks. It’s been 3 long years that I have spend in my college preceded by 14 years of schooling but what I am has not been entirely because of it. I have grown stronger and mightier and smarter only through the challenges that life has thrown at me. Schooling does have had an impact on my development but ample of it has been due to my attitude to learn and accept knowledge from wherever I can. I credit the ‘ME’ I am to the people I have met all through my life,each one teaching a new lesson owing it to my observatory attitude.

So I would like to say to those who have just passed their board exams and even those who haven’t – don’t be discontented. Be happy for what has happened and be prepared because life has so much amazing things to give you but at the same time life is playful enough to persuade you to walk an extra mile and open the door because the best for you is waiting right behind that door. So cheer up for whatever has been the result. To all the parents,teachers and friends of the students light up a spark around the students who have moved up a ladder and stand with the ones who need your support to make them move up a stair for then only will all of you be making your mark in the world.


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