Walked With Me.

Walked With Me.

I had walked ahead after much discomfort
And Never cared to look back around.
For my heart was at peace as the
Inevitable realisation had dawned on me.
Memories had fanned but not vanished
But intensities of which had surely diminished.
Never was breathing so comfortable
As it had become in the preceding months.
The nature opened the gates to the beauty
That had been always present in my vicinity.

Knowledge was the key to liberation,
As the self was moving towards contention.
Love,care and service was becoming my nature
Which seems to be what I had always been seeking
Confidence, leading and togetherness
Was slowly building up in my character.
Anger,complains,regrets and discomfort
Had slowly blossomed to turn into love.
Running away had seemed to be the only way
For it was the only road that seemed ahead.
But now the waves are only challenges
That I will face with a smile on my face.
Rest assured is me that I am now ready
To even face the difficult that had walked with me.


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