Benefits of Yoga : A Transcendent Being!

Benefits of Yoga : A Transcendent Being!

It was half a year back when I had discovered and come in touch with the practice of yoga. A 6 day workshop on dealing with stress, anxiety and how to be happy through yoga, meditation and knowledge was how I had been introduced about the Art of Living’s Happiness Program from the ones who had persuaded me to sit in the workshop. 

Yoga and meditation was not completely new to me for I had developed an inclination to meditate and do yoga though it was only in an amateur way. Meditating by chanting Om was what I had been practicing since quite a long time,although it was not that frequent. But Art of Living’s happiness workshop brought to light what yoga is actually all about. 

Yoga is not just a practice but a way of living (truely depecits the message for the name given to the humanitarian organisation- Art of Living!) I will not like to dig deep into my journey and the beginning for it can continue for endless of pages. But what I would like to bring to light is the benefits of yoga based on my personal experiences rather than scientific and conceptual principles.

The GenX of today is a total technology freek,Snapchat,Facebook,Whatsapp – you ask a child to say something and you have a social messaging app right in that name. So many hours of the day is spent on uplifiting your vitual personality that you forget what life is for – to live and breath,both literally and necessarily. But I consider myself amongst the few lucky ones on this planet of over a seven billion to have discovered this anciet knowledge, conceived and developed in this great land – India. At a time when scientists and medicians are burning out cash and countless hours in developing artificials for a better living, one can just do yoga and experience the exponential transformation it can bring to the mind, health and the self.

Daily practice of yoga brings so much of positive energy inside of me that I feel joy radiating our of me.I love to wake up early,do yoga, work tirelessly and then upon stumbling some free time on weekends I like to serve selflessly – sounds impossible? Well thing lying between you and where I stand today is – Yoga ( My Yogis got the feel,dint they?) A daily yoga routine of Surya Namaskar, Asanas, Meditation, Chanting and the core of everything – Sudarshan Kriya recharges me up early in the morning and keeps me rejuvenated throughout the day. The early morning love for the bed turns into scrumptious perseverance to keep doing more and more. This daily routine brings forth the union of breath,mind and nature that makes the self surreal. The surprising thing is I feel like doing more even when am doing more – Yoga has become my addiction,maybe? And you know what,I love it.

The benefits of yoga are countless and the demerits is just one – that you have to wake up early which you would eventually look forward to after practicing it for a while.For me Yoga is a part of life,which helps in reliving the whole body of stress and negative emotions. It is breath taking that Yoga can foster so many positive things – good thoughts, contentment,calmness, energy and completeness. Turning from a late night partying person to an early morning waking up Yogi ( my lungs fill up with the air of tranquility while saying this!) is phenomenal and I feel so blessed. I don’t even remember when was the last time it seemed that the world was too bad a place,a frequent thought that comes across each of our minds. I have learned to accept people as they are- good or bad for the creator is one and his creation is truly a variety in abundance.

Recognition of this ancient knowledge the world over as requested by Sri Sri in 2011 to the UN by declaring 21st June as the World Yoga Day was long overdue. The final push by the Prime Minister of India,Shri Narendra Modiji at his UN address to adopt 21st of June as International Yoga day was the final milestone in fostering and recognising this rich Indian knowledge the world over. This was lauded and appreciated by Sri Sri,mediation and yoga Guru and also the founder of Art of Living which is engaged in a number of social initiatives working towards a violence free and stress free world.

It is a proud moment for our country that an Indian practice has been adopted and accepted by the world with open arms. And yesterday, 21st June, 2016 we celebrated this occasion along with over 156 countires around the world in our very own locality. We came together and organized it by contributing from our very own pockets and it was amazing to see around 300 people stretching a little to celebrate the spirit of yoga. We all look forward to transcent a bit more through yoga next year. Yoga is a means to a greater thing , a thing that truly resembles a transcendental being! 



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