Let it all Go !!

Let it all Go !!

You know sometimes I used to wonder that when on the path of spirituality,daily meditation and yoga would bring so much peace. But the memories of the past would still sometimes come back to haunt, add to that the experiences or moments that made me feel at unease would be crossing my mind again and again. Strange as it seems to be,erasing it from the consciousness is certainly not easy as one,two,three because on the path of spirituality your consciousness expands and not gets diminished. Good or bad,present or past the memories are alike, only the intensity of their impact and perception about their negative consequences changes.

To jump you must take a leap,likewise for the past impressions to be diminished they must transcend from your mind to your expanding consciousness which does not equate them with a prejudice but accepts it as it is. What you need at this juncture is faith,faith in the divine,a divinity that binds us together and makes our being possible. Have the knowledge that things will be better for the sun sets only to rise again. Don’t be bothered by the memories of the past nor blame yourself for the things you did or others for what they did to you. It was all a part of destiny which has rightly placed you where you are now. A sapling braves the roughest of weather only to blossom and become a tree with much to give. In the same way just go with the flow and let it all go. Your greatest weapon would be to serve without any intention but only with a commitment for the greater betterment of all. An arrow to be released needs to be pulled back in the same way for the sorrow to go it needs to be pulled to the consciousness so that it can be released from the cocoon of perpetuity. Right knowledge needs to be accompanied in the background of regular and right practices.

The essence of all activities is knowledge. Behind every event,experience and emotion is knowledge. We only lack the power to observe it which will eventually be nurtured with regular practices. Anything that calms your being is knowledge for that is the ultimate goal in life – to be free. So whatever comes and spoils the fun,have faith in the good things to come,don’t keep on holding on to things that drag you down surrender to the divine and let it all go.


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