Love A Great Mystery.

Love A Great Mystery.

Let me tell you a story about
Love that is a great mystery.
There was a boy who loved a girl immensely,
The world seemed a better place in her company.
Her smile would make him feel elated
Her laugh would sweep his feet off the ground.
Her words were merrier than a candy
Her eyes were brighter than a shining star.
She was the key to his breath
And he was only hers till death.

Good or bad the times may have been
His love had never died down.
She may have cared or ignored,loved or hated
But he was there,always all around.
He never cared of what he got
But never hesitated to give all that he could.
He took her to places undiscovered
For adventure was her ultimate love.
He would even put a stone on his heart
If that would make her any more happier.

He then got busy to plan a future
Where they would be the only characters.
He was seeking a brighter together
But she took it to be an end.
She ushered the ignorance
And nailed the love to the grave.
He pleaded to be heard but
She refused to let mercy in the herd.
And that is how the love to be remembered
Got lost in the books in between the pages.


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