The Guru’s Grace 😇

The Guru’s Grace 😇

It is the day that marks the new year for a spiritual seeker. It is celebrated by acknowledging the Guru for the blessings he has bestowed upon us and renewing ones commitment towards being a sincere seeker and spreading the divine knowledge. It is also the day when a seeker becomes full and becomes contended, for he gets the chance to rain praises on his Guru on Guru Purnima Day, the only day when the Guru doesn’t shy away from accepting them. It is the day to express gratefulness to the master for bringing everything that you have with you,rightfully to you. Completing your desires and fulfilling your inner self. The praises would be innumerable for there is no devotee who can express the gratitude that his master has bestowed upon him,for the Guru not only gives what you ask of him but goes a step ahead by giving you the best you could get.

This Guru Purnima I would like to express my gratefulness and love to my Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for bringing the divine knowledge upon me. Before coming onto his path of spirituality,I had been an ardent critic of his fancy ways. Even then he opened the gates for me, to walk into his abode. Ever since then there has been no sorrow and guilt for he is the one who has made me realise to grow above these perils. The sceptical mindset has transformed into divine love and faith owing to the personal experiences that have made me live and realise about his great faith. A faith that has brought miracles upon us, miracles that has transformed our lives, a transformation that has made us believe in giving without expecting anything in return. The knowledge that he has showered has made me grow immensely. I am unaffected by the penny occurrences, I don’t let them take the good of me for they are of impermanent nature, destined to fade away exactly the way it had come in. He has made me realise that the Guru,the Divine and the Self are not different but are a subset of the great grand consciousness. He held my hand when I most needed it and pulled me up from the living dead to become the ever living blissful being.

The world knows him as a Spiritual Leader, a Humanitarian but to me he is much greater. I have walked next to him, sat in front of him and heard him in the most serene setting. Though the time spent with him has been brief the knowledge gained cannot be even equatted to an infinite exponential. He brings wisdom with him that makes you marvel at how good can he get. He invests so much time on us that it makes you wonder that does he even get some time to rest. like a mother watching a baby throughout the day, he keeps a tab on us all the time round.
His eyes have got the spark that makes you elated, his voice has got that gentle touch that makes your anger go dessimated. You could find problems on anything that you see around but then you would find Sri Sri, the most perfect of being. He has the innocence of six month year old child and a maturity of the age old scriptures – the only example of an expanse of balance.

He can turn tears into laughter, criminals into drivers of social change and a common man as simple as me and you into a walking Guru. Yes! He doesn’t shy away from passing on his powers and knowledge all around for I see a glimpse of him in all the people who have come under his grace. Sitting here in my home, his presence feels not in the body he is in but within. He is too divine a being to be associated to an object or an entity for he is omnipresent, spreading knowledge and love with an unmatched perseverance. Though he is the master he plays the job of the caretaker. Keeping track of all the details and removing obstacles from our lives without much delay. You ask and you get, even if you don’t ask you still are assured to get. Such is unique play of my Gurudev. On this auspicious day I don’t ask for anything but the continuous flow of wisdom and knowledge from him to me and the strength to be able to spread this ancient knowledge to the remotest corners of the world.

Thank You My Master (:

– A Sincere Seeker


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