“Politics is when the opinion of an individual dominates or seeks to dominate the decision of an organisation, leading to the loss of collective decision and maintenance of equanimity, thereby enabling the individual to enforce or seek to enforce his individual interests and opinions.”

Organisations have risen,organisations have fallen. Leaders have come,conquered and transformed and then they have gone. But one thing that has been the foremost in these journey from creation to destruction – is politics. No organisation big or small has ever been immune from politics for it is rooted not in the system but in the mind itself. One works to fathom immense patronage to influence the outcome in his own predetermined way. He may seem to be most sort after and appreciated man but upon close observation the politics embedded in his character comes to light. And politics is prevalent not only in the game of thrones being played out in different countries but across a spectrum of organisations – multinationals,social organisations, government organisations. This itself puts to forefront the cause of it all – not the nature of the organisation but the nature of man himself.

All of us must have come across situations where the most appreciated and the most respected person in an organisation that we are a part of becomes the most hated or unregarded person thereafter. The way we used to think about them changes completely because of the realisation of their true nature and actions motivated by their own self interests. This brings disgust to us because a leader turns to become a deceiver. The things and people being manipulated to be used as a mere resource for the upliftment of his own cause without taking into consideration the needs and values of the individuals being concerned leads to utter disdain upon realisation of the hard truth. Your love for the leader turns into dismay. And the one to lose credibility is the organisation itself. It is not political ambitions of the man that is thwarted but the credibility of the organisation. For the motivated and devoted individuals to a cause have been exposed to the individually promoted one which so happened to govern their immediate environment.

At such a juncture the mind of the individuals who have been dismayed swings to foray into revolting and impeaching the politically ambitious person(s). It becomes a tit-for-tat game which should have been a cause promoting and enhancing play. But there is nothing the either would achieve because once again the personal inhibitions of the latter would come into forefront for he seeks to quash the authority of the ambitious giving rise to another political gameplay. The logical thing to do would be to stick to the cause with which it had all started. Revolting against the imposter would only make it cumbersome for it would definitely hamper the greatest good that all must have strived for.

Accept the reality of the situation and accept the individual as they are. For them the authority to exercise power or be the most sought after must be the only ambition in their life. It is upon you to decide whether you want to be in the same league as they are or strive and strategise to work on the cause that appealed to you at the beginning. It is the mind alone which gives rise to all the politics and it is the mind alone that is mature enough to observe, understand and resolve the political logjams. Flexing the muscles and power would only lead to more dismay and chaos but stretching the mind to find your way through would be the most fruitful thing to do. Don’t let the thing that you hate seep into your own personality and mould your character. For what one hates the most,often turns into what one does the most. Let your better cause be your guiding force and your wisdom and good faith be your armour. It was Chanakya’s love for the nation that made him successful in establishing
a Nation that was one by heart and soul but differed from the mind. You need to rise above the politics of the man for only then will you ever be able to clear the mess lying beneath it. And don’t be reluctant to step in to clear the mess,for only light will go to darkness and not the other way round.


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