The Right Kind Of Friendship.

The Right Kind Of Friendship.

Friendship is not about the frequent outings nor the everyday conversations. But about a sacred bonding that permeates the transformation from teenage right up to old. It is true that bonds do die away but only to be replaced by a stronger one just like the old cells die in our body to give rise to newer ones. It is the magic in ones character that makes you fall in love with that individual but it is law of nature that will make you find a friend in everyone.

Quality time with your friends is not in the coolest of things that you do but the most average of times spent in conformance of utmost sincerity. Crossing an ocean is not proof enough to prove your friendship’s worth to anyone in comparison to the mutual feeling of respect and honour of it being priceless. Its not about creating memories or being called the best of bests,rather it is in just the feeling that yes you are with the best person in this whole wide world.

Though there might be deficiencies and disagreements but there should never be supremacy for that will be the beginning of a journey that will lead you to the end of a healthy existence. It is true that if we take 10 steps ahead we are bound to come back a few steps, for looking back is necessary to get hold of the mistakes and make sure that it is never going to be repeated again. Friends don’t need the acknowledgement of the world to be called friends for it is the friendship itself that completes the whole world. Being there for every deed is not the way but when in need is the ultimate way. The love shared is not to be engulfed in jealousy or greed but to be a celebratory tranquality with an unmatched divinity.


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