The One Who Dreams To Turn The World (:

The One Who Dreams To Turn The World (:

Words fall short to describe the greatness with which Sri Sri has transformed our lives. Be it relationships, business, sports or personal issues, his techniques – Sudarshan Kriya, Meditations and Yoga – have brought so much reverence and perseverance in all the aspects of our lives. The never fading smile and joy that radiates from him is such a happy thing to be a witness of.

Be it conflict hit zones, the poor and needy or bringing the opposing parties to the dialogue table, he has made it his mission to foster peace and love for one divinity. Though there must have been much more needy people around the world, he never ignored people like me and you who have all the things that they need in life to live but had the craving and need for something. Something that is way more subtle and than the materialistic things that surrounds us – ‘ Happiness. ‘

Making life a celebration, accepting everything as it us, giving as much as we can to make lives better off are what he has been living and giving – to make even others have a better and a blissful living. Those reading this might be thrown off guard or be amazed that how can such comfort and soothing be reality, a reality that doesn’t fade away and is constant. From an ardent critic to and ardent follower and believer, I have been at the both the ends and what I feel that even the most harshest of critics of Sri Sri are blessed to have known him while he has walked this earth.



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