Love That Has..

Love That Has..

The love that has faded
The memories that have evaded
The lies that have evaporated
The intimacy which has deviated
Are not an end to your existence
For it is not the only means of sustenance.

Don’t blame it upon her, for she
Was not alone in bringing it down to this.
Don’t make cursing her a habit, for she
Was the one you worshiped a while ago.
Don’t let the love turn into hate, for she
Was the angel you had met on earth.

Accept that it has come to an end
Only to set the balls rolling for a new beginning.
Don’t be bothered by who she is going to be with
For the divine would give her nothing short of the best.
It would not be wise of you to put her at fault
For she was never perfect and neither were you.

If you have loved her truly and completely
Then you should let the love live immortally.
Smile for the great moments you had
And wish for hers to come, to be even greater.
Give the a taste of the divine love to the world,
That still sparkles deep in your heart.
So what if she couldn’t be with you
Let the world be a witness to the depths of it.
Make giving your only means of living
And let thy energy become ever reverberating.


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