From The Difficult To Blissful

From The Difficult To Blissful

Many a times in life it has so happened that certain situations have cropped up that have put your strength and calibre to test. The determination and enthusiasm had seemed to fade and life seemed to be no less than a hell. Your conscience seemed to drain and your mental peace would have turned to a new low.

Relationships, career, or personal aspects it might have been, your life had surely seemed to be sent for a toss and your mind must have cornered you all the more. These stumbling blocks are sure to drive you down for they are here to get the better of you. You may feel like giving up on your mission, vision or even life but true to your nature this should not be the way.
It is said that getting a human life is so precious. Being the most advanced species, the onus lies on us to make this world a better place. So giving up should be the option that you must delete. The only way to move forward is remembrance of the past, drawing lessons from it and the existence of the paramount present. Look back in your life and you would see a host of problems that must have cropped up. The difficult times at school, struggles at getting your first job, making ends meet in times of recession or any other moment when it had all seemed to crumble. What do you realise? All these had come and so have they gone. Be sure to remember that all the situations that exist now will not exist later and so does the difficult times that have come.

It is not how strong are you that will help you move through it but your belief in the ultimate truth – nothing is constant, everything is changing and so will this difficult time. It will give rise to a joy, sooner or later for sure. It may take a while, must surely not be at your pace but it is bound to happen. You are destined to traverse an ocean of happiness and joy. It will be your very choice to jump into it to make life a celebration which you are destined to. The night sets to give rise to the sun at the break of dawn and so does difficulties adore your time to blossom seeds of infinite love. A postive attitude and a firm belief and faith in the supreme power that governs the existence is what you need to stand through it all. Seasons change, people do and so does the times. Have a gleaming smile on your face and let come what may, be calm, contented and just wait to move away from the difficult to the blissful.


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