Contrasting Seas of Nature and Human Cravings

Contrasting Seas of Nature and Human Cravings

The earth revolves around the sun at a speed that is unfathomable. It also rotates at a high speed and yet amidst all of it, all the things down on earth are kept afixed, keeping the centre of gravity intact. No matter how much it rains through the day, or the number of sunburns that are recorded, neither does it matter whether it has stormed during the day or thundered during the night. The nights and days keep coming one after the other without a break,depicting the two great opposites that have been put into place. The leaves fall down on the ground and yet they make a spectacle so beautiful that it blossoms an expanse of love in our hearts. The birds chirping at the break of the dawn and the sun rays sneaking pass our doors and windows, makes the sleep and tiredness escape. The dead and laziness of the night gets submerged into the freshness and enthusiasm of the morning, a perfectly set play of the nature.

There is so much of vibrancy and tranquility in the natures’ play and yet being the most advanced of species, we get lost amongst the desires, cravings and the diversions that we illogically have seemed to create. We don’t remain centred and indulge in things that have no meaning which later on become a source of our very own misery. There seems to be so much of aversions to us against the play and we let ourselves get sinked into a solidarity of mankinds’ weird ways. We let the things of past haunt our present and foolishly dislodge our happiness and contentment that is just a stone’s throw away. Our sorrow and sacredness seems to be an out of this world theory to sooth our ego – “Why did it happened to me.” We seemed to be caught up in things to small to remain relevant with the passage of time and yet devote much of our time to it.

The things that have happened, are happening and which are going to happen have are beyond our control, much like the nature that swings it’s magical wand. The need to be is bring about a shift in our perceptivity and awareness. Perceiving the good and bad that exists and being aware that both lend meaning to the other. Standing at a window during a day and spooking outside the busy street to look at the trees and the cars honking past by is a dull sight to see after all, but a shift in perceiving them differently with a well defined awareness will make it seem a soothing sight after all. The trees lend shade and shelter to a variety of creatures, the passing cars resembles the events that we have gone through which now remain relevant and lost to our consciousness. Amidst the wide expanse of sight you see the only thing to matter is the witness residing right inside you. Day or night, bright or light, you are the one who witnesses it all throughout. Don’t get too caught up in the extremes of happiness or sorrow, just be centred and observe the great play and fall in line with the flow. Just as the ocean seems calm but yet the violent waves originate right from it, the same way the at times blissful and simple life seems to toss it all around. Be one with the ocean and not the emotion. You are a part of the vastness that brings joy and life into this life. Your place is beyond the perils that seems to rule the better of you. Let the sea of natures mirth get prominence over your inferior cravings. Let go of the sorrow and get hold of the celebration for the events of life are beyond your control but the mind that perceives it differently is yours to choose.


8 thoughts on “Contrasting Seas of Nature and Human Cravings

  1. “Be one with the ocean and not the emotion. You are a part of the vastness that brings joy and life into this life.”
    Beautiful Lines this.๐Ÿ‘†
    And an inspiring read over all. What a new and refreshing way to look at the world.
    Great Post.๐Ÿ––

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