To The Ocean

To The Ocean

I walked to the ocean
And wondered – ‘Where endst thou?’
I looked across to the end of horizon
And thought – ‘How beautiful sight tis is?’
I found a place on the beach to sit
And dwelled – ‘What brings me to thee?’

What is that subtle force that has lead
To the creation of this vast ocean.
Where the sky,ocean and land intersect
To make a spectre so miraculous to see.
Where all the discomfort and sorrow ends
To give rise to an expanse of never ending joy.

It’s here that the serenity and vibrancy
Of the nature comes to light.
Tis where the play of night and day
Seems to start and end, again for eternity.
It is only here from where the man
Seems to come to life and die, again and again!


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