Bridge the Adversities! 

Bridge the Adversities! 

There is a reason for everything that happens. Your going to bed early will enable you to get up early, your forgetting a 100 rupee note on the dining table may actually come in handy for your mother who is in a hurry to go and get the grocery. There is a subtle way in which all that is happening is interlinked which is beyond the average man’s contemplative mind. The mind though looks at things with complexity is comfortable with things that seem to be simple and steady.

We humans by our nature have a very unique habit of becoming victim conscious. A heartbreak, a scold from the boss or a flat tyre, all these adverse situations gives rise to a common question in our minds – Why does it always have to be me? Which is sure to remain unanswered, until sincerely enquired upon without a prejudice. This ultimately pushes you to a zone of contemplation where all the forces in the world seem to be making an attempt to cripple you from the inside and the outside. What is even more sad is that you don’t seem to find a way out it. You have grown so much used to it that you have chosen to accept that you are always going to be a lonely victim in this world’s unscrupulous play.

Indeed, life is complex and the way out to deal it is even more complex. You as an individual have to tackle an avenue of areas – relationships, family, business, personal space. To have a uniform approach across all of it seems to be a difficulty to everyone at large. You might be soft and humble in your relationship but rough and robust in at your business. It boils down to a complexity in your attitude which is justifiable given the roles that you need to play. But you must have heard about that mathematical principle which says – A minus and a minus makes a plus? Similarly, a complex life with an seeming to be achievable complex attitude makes everything a whole lot simple. You know what matters is not the degrees from Harvard, Stanford or any other reputed institution but what matters the most is your attitude! If a student of a reputed institution feels uncomfortable in working in an adverse scenario then what is the point of such ideal education. With the right kind of attitude one will surely find a way out of the adverse to realise and traverse to the desired goal.

You need to develop dispassion in the occurrence of events. They take place rapidly but our mind dwell on them deeply and for long. You need to try and be a little less attached to the things happening all around. For the way time moves, holding onto something would bring your life to a standstill that would make you escape from the enjoyment of the present. Sympathy, condoling and sorrow bring your energy levels to a low. You have to realise that all the problems in the world are not yours to own. Be gentle from the heart and if the need be, you may be a little rough or stern on the exterior as the situation may demand. Do not get caught in the grip of it for it will burden you and bring remorse.

Whatever is happening is happening for a reason. There are two kinds of attitude to deal with victim consciousness. Either you stick to it and accept that you are a victim of the world’s apathy towards you or you learn to face it with a spirited attitude. Be aware that what has already happened has already happened. There is no point on dwelling on it, it is wise to look the way forward and emanate a positive attitude. The complex situations are going to be complex ,there is no remedy to it. But the complexity of your dealing with them can easily be handled by developing the right kind of attitude. Tell me what is the significance of being happy if you have not felt the sadness in life? Would it make any sense at all? The adversities in life are not to dishearten you but to polish you and brighten you. Recalling about the adversities in your life will make you realise that they have indeed played a major role in making you stronger and better. Switch from being a victim to being a witness. You never think yourself as being a victim of to much of happiness? So witness the good and the bad with equality for there exists the diversity and it’s upon you to bring in the stability.


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