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How to see good in Bad things.

Often we become sad after the occurrence of some events. Be it related to relationships, career or something personal, you need to realise that these happen to teach us a lesson.

These lessons ultimately helps us grow in life. If we look at the past events, we have learnt so much through them, isn’t it. Be it failing in a business, breakups, turmoils in family, all of them taught us something that made us grow.

So next time you feel caught up just look at the lesson that you can take out from the event instead of sticking your mind to the event!

You don’t need an answer!

You don’t need an answer!

We all are different individuals with diverse opinions and perceptions. Yet, there are a lot of commonalities among us.

We all breath the same air, eat, sleep and also smile! The first three are a 100 per cent certain for each one of you reading this, if not then you surely are not a human being!

We are all living to maximise our happiness.

Smiling is the best part in life. If you are in a mess, yet if you are able to smile then you are happy.

Though everyone lives with an aim to maximise their happiness, be it through acquiring wealth, fame, recognition, feeling loved or serving the society. In their pursuit of the goal, problems become an integral part of it.

Problems in life

You want to earn lots of money and have the perfect business plan but don’t have the finances, there is a Problem! You want to become famous and recognised like Michael Jackson but you are pathetic at singing – problem. You are madly in love with a girl/boy but she/he is getting married tomorrow – certainly a very BIG PROBLEM!

In short problems are a everyday part of life. Be it professional career, relationships or personal life, a lot many problems arise and an equal number subside.


First is that you panic- ‘OMG! Where did this come from.’

Slowly you start accepting the reality and come into acceptance. You realise that yes, There is a real problem!

Then you try to find a solution to the problem. But do you really find it?

You don’t need an answer!

It is true that it takes a little time for us to find the answers/solutions. But do they really help us to achieve maximum happiness. No!

Our mind keeps on running hither tither. We are happy when our mind is relaxed. An answer does not bring an end in itself. For it has solved the puzzle but has not yet silenced the mind. To achieve the latter you need to move beyond the answer.

How do you come to that state? Through Yoga and Meditation. Meditation is the best way to relax your mind. During meditation the mind withdraws from the five senses and reposes within. That is where the solution to all the problems lies. DEEPER WITHIN!

Only solving a mystery won’t bring an end to a problem. You need to be in that plane where being in contentment and happiness makes the problem irrelevant.

Suppose your mother asks you to get a box of chocolates, that would be given to the guests who are coming on the weekend. You just like a sweet little kid, drive straight to the supermarket and walk up to the chocolates section. You look around and find so many varieties to choose from.!?!

‘Should I get an Hershey’s? Or should I buy the local handcrafted ones?’

Problems, confusion and a hanging decision. How you wish your mother would have told you which one to buy!

However, if you would just pick on anyone and be calm and composed with the belief that – ‘ They will love this.’

Ta da! The problem just vanishes.

But does it happen that way? No!

Practicing meditation takes you to that state where you overcome the confusion and the problem.

That’s when you won’t need an answer and silence would become the answer to all your problems.!

Smile when in a problem! 😊

Smile when in a problem! 😊

Only thing wise people do when a problem arises is smile. For living in knowledge has made them realise the ultimate truth – This too shall pass.”

Just reflect back on your life. All the problems that had come on your door, they knocked and bothered you for a while. Now they are just faded memories in the alley of memories lane.

Looking back on some would make you laugh at yourself for being bothered by them, isn’t it?

So why invest your precious energy stressing the mind with it. Just realise the problem and smile. Surely, smiling won’t solve the problem but it definitely won’t make it worse.

So just……SMILE 😊

P.S. – The amazing person reading this now knows what to do when a problem comes up 😉

To win or to loose?

To win or to loose?

If you would be offered a boon and there would be a choice –

‘You want to always win’


‘You want to always lose’

Which boon would you ask for?

The first one certainly! Like most of the wise people you would definitely ask to be granted a boon that would always make you the winner. That joy of sailing past everyone to leave them behind indeed seems blissful!

But I would choose the neither. For me it’s not a great thing to win nor is it bad to loose. I see beyond these two facets of life. There is a more deeper and subtle element beyond these two ‘learning.’

If you ask most of the successful people around the world that what propelled them to come to the pedestal they are upon, they would gleam and say- “it’s the failures.” It was not their victory that brought them success but their failures. The latter gave them a chance to introspect and dig deeper into their abilities.

It should never be about winning or loosing but about learning. Life is a constant journey to evolve and to grow. There are people who feel happy after winning and there are others who feel sad after loosing. I just look for the hidden wisdom in the occurrence of both the events!

How Should You Celebrate Navratri ?

How Should You Celebrate Navratri ?

So today is the beginning of one of the most auspicious festivals of the Sanatana Dharma ( Hinduism),’Navratri.’ Apart, from the rituals and traditions will be aboded by at everyone’s place, I would encourage everyone to have a deeper experience during this Navratri.

Navratri is considered to be the most auspicious and powerful time in the universe. It is the time when positive vibrations are at its peak. It is the time when you should sit down for sometime and get in touch with the universal source. Do some meditations, listen to chantings, read or watch some knowledge videos ( even if it’s just a verse).

Ours is a generation which is very ambitious. We have big dreams and big plans. This makes it necessary for us to have the experiences that make us move forward to realising and executing these. This can happen only through meditation. Meditation gives you that peace and contentment which brings forth creativity and efficiency. Our Pujas use and honour all the five elements ( air, water, earth, fire and space.) This symbolises the aspect of harmony and respecting every creation of the universe in our traditions. Much beyond the rituals it’s about celebration. Celebrating the diversity in the creation which merges into the universal. Our eyes and our senses make us feel and experience the diversity, closing down our senses sit down, relax and meditate. This makes us experience the universal. It’s such a beautiful and serene experience that you would fail to express it in words.

Some of you might be away from home and might not be able to be a part of the celebration back home. There is no need for you to feel disheartening. You can just meditate and take a dive into the celebration, wherever you are. So this Navratri not only just do your Pujas, fasting and rituals but also meditate and get in touch with the universal source.

Some recommended Meditation and chants that you can do –

Guided Meditations by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

1. Breath of Relaxation

2. Sound to Silence

3. Panchakosha

Chantings –

1. Devi Kavacham – Armour of the Goddess

2. Laxmi Ashtottara

Knowledge Videos –

1. Bhagwat Gita

2. Patanjal Yoga Sutras

3. Significance of Navratri

Happy Navratri to All.

Become a Pearl!

Become a Pearl!

Have you ever seen a piece of natural pearl? How wonderful it looks! It makes one admire the beauty and the essence of this white piece of object.

You dip the pearl in a mud, or throw it on the floor, the pearl has the strange characteristic of never loosing it’s charm and identity. Whether it is put together in a piece of thread to form a neckpiece or put inside a glass box, it always looks admirable. It’s environment, surroundings or the vessel it is kept in might change but it still remains the pearl of wisdom and truth.

This is exactly as to how we as individuals should be. We have made our lives revolve around concepts, trends and notions. These are very vague and opaque which make us fail to realise about the vibrancy of life. Whatever the situations, or opinions of people around you maybe, you should always stay in touch with the real you. A pearl does not try to become beautiful or magnificent, it is the very nature of it. So, don’t try too hard to be beautiful, or adorable. Realise that you already are and be natural.

So what are you waiting for?


Best Will Come To You

Best Will Come To You

Often we get disheartened at not getting what we desired for. The wise thing is to always ask for what is best for you from the Divine. You may always be asking for more money but there might be an unending dance of love and joy with a little less of money, waiting for you.

Life is much larger than our small cravings and aversion. There is an ocean for us to embrace, so why should we settle for a well or a pond. Have faith and belief that this life only the best is going to come to you.