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Surrender is a sign Of Strength!

Surrender is a sign Of Strength!

Surrender is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength.

You not only surrender what you have but also what you don’t. You have a desire to achieve something or possess something. You don’t have it but yet you want to have it.

Surrender is letting go of the feverishness of the desires and setting yourself free.

Grace, gratitude and faith helps you to surrender effortlessly. Next time when you are bothered don’t become weak and crib about it. Be strong and surrender your botheration to the divine ! 😊



“Politics is when the opinion of an individual dominates or seeks to dominate the decision of an organisation, leading to the loss of collective decision and maintenance of equanimity, thereby enabling the individual to enforce or seek to enforce his individual interests and opinions.”

Organisations have risen,organisations have fallen. Leaders have come,conquered and transformed and then they have gone. But one thing that has been the foremost in these journey from creation to destruction – is politics. No organisation big or small has ever been immune from politics for it is rooted not in the system but in the mind itself. One works to fathom immense patronage to influence the outcome in his own predetermined way. He may seem to be most sort after and appreciated man but upon close observation the politics embedded in his character comes to light. And politics is prevalent not only in the game of thrones being played out in different countries but across a spectrum of organisations – multinationals,social organisations, government organisations. This itself puts to forefront the cause of it all – not the nature of the organisation but the nature of man himself.

All of us must have come across situations where the most appreciated and the most respected person in an organisation that we are a part of becomes the most hated or unregarded person thereafter. The way we used to think about them changes completely because of the realisation of their true nature and actions motivated by their own self interests. This brings disgust to us because a leader turns to become a deceiver. The things and people being manipulated to be used as a mere resource for the upliftment of his own cause without taking into consideration the needs and values of the individuals being concerned leads to utter disdain upon realisation of the hard truth. Your love for the leader turns into dismay. And the one to lose credibility is the organisation itself. It is not political ambitions of the man that is thwarted but the credibility of the organisation. For the motivated and devoted individuals to a cause have been exposed to the individually promoted one which so happened to govern their immediate environment.

At such a juncture the mind of the individuals who have been dismayed swings to foray into revolting and impeaching the politically ambitious person(s). It becomes a tit-for-tat game which should have been a cause promoting and enhancing play. But there is nothing the either would achieve because once again the personal inhibitions of the latter would come into forefront for he seeks to quash the authority of the ambitious giving rise to another political gameplay. The logical thing to do would be to stick to the cause with which it had all started. Revolting against the imposter would only make it cumbersome for it would definitely hamper the greatest good that all must have strived for.

Accept the reality of the situation and accept the individual as they are. For them the authority to exercise power or be the most sought after must be the only ambition in their life. It is upon you to decide whether you want to be in the same league as they are or strive and strategise to work on the cause that appealed to you at the beginning. It is the mind alone which gives rise to all the politics and it is the mind alone that is mature enough to observe, understand and resolve the political logjams. Flexing the muscles and power would only lead to more dismay and chaos but stretching the mind to find your way through would be the most fruitful thing to do. Don’t let the thing that you hate seep into your own personality and mould your character. For what one hates the most,often turns into what one does the most. Let your better cause be your guiding force and your wisdom and good faith be your armour. It was Chanakya’s love for the nation that made him successful in establishing
a Nation that was one by heart and soul but differed from the mind. You need to rise above the politics of the man for only then will you ever be able to clear the mess lying beneath it. And don’t be reluctant to step in to clear the mess,for only light will go to darkness and not the other way round.

The Guru’s Grace 😇

The Guru’s Grace 😇

It is the day that marks the new year for a spiritual seeker. It is celebrated by acknowledging the Guru for the blessings he has bestowed upon us and renewing ones commitment towards being a sincere seeker and spreading the divine knowledge. It is also the day when a seeker becomes full and becomes contended, for he gets the chance to rain praises on his Guru on Guru Purnima Day, the only day when the Guru doesn’t shy away from accepting them. It is the day to express gratefulness to the master for bringing everything that you have with you,rightfully to you. Completing your desires and fulfilling your inner self. The praises would be innumerable for there is no devotee who can express the gratitude that his master has bestowed upon him,for the Guru not only gives what you ask of him but goes a step ahead by giving you the best you could get.

This Guru Purnima I would like to express my gratefulness and love to my Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for bringing the divine knowledge upon me. Before coming onto his path of spirituality,I had been an ardent critic of his fancy ways. Even then he opened the gates for me, to walk into his abode. Ever since then there has been no sorrow and guilt for he is the one who has made me realise to grow above these perils. The sceptical mindset has transformed into divine love and faith owing to the personal experiences that have made me live and realise about his great faith. A faith that has brought miracles upon us, miracles that has transformed our lives, a transformation that has made us believe in giving without expecting anything in return. The knowledge that he has showered has made me grow immensely. I am unaffected by the penny occurrences, I don’t let them take the good of me for they are of impermanent nature, destined to fade away exactly the way it had come in. He has made me realise that the Guru,the Divine and the Self are not different but are a subset of the great grand consciousness. He held my hand when I most needed it and pulled me up from the living dead to become the ever living blissful being.

The world knows him as a Spiritual Leader, a Humanitarian but to me he is much greater. I have walked next to him, sat in front of him and heard him in the most serene setting. Though the time spent with him has been brief the knowledge gained cannot be even equatted to an infinite exponential. He brings wisdom with him that makes you marvel at how good can he get. He invests so much time on us that it makes you wonder that does he even get some time to rest. like a mother watching a baby throughout the day, he keeps a tab on us all the time round.
His eyes have got the spark that makes you elated, his voice has got that gentle touch that makes your anger go dessimated. You could find problems on anything that you see around but then you would find Sri Sri, the most perfect of being. He has the innocence of six month year old child and a maturity of the age old scriptures – the only example of an expanse of balance.

He can turn tears into laughter, criminals into drivers of social change and a common man as simple as me and you into a walking Guru. Yes! He doesn’t shy away from passing on his powers and knowledge all around for I see a glimpse of him in all the people who have come under his grace. Sitting here in my home, his presence feels not in the body he is in but within. He is too divine a being to be associated to an object or an entity for he is omnipresent, spreading knowledge and love with an unmatched perseverance. Though he is the master he plays the job of the caretaker. Keeping track of all the details and removing obstacles from our lives without much delay. You ask and you get, even if you don’t ask you still are assured to get. Such is unique play of my Gurudev. On this auspicious day I don’t ask for anything but the continuous flow of wisdom and knowledge from him to me and the strength to be able to spread this ancient knowledge to the remotest corners of the world.

Thank You My Master (:

– A Sincere Seeker

This Too Shall Pass.

This Too Shall Pass.

Are these the times when nothing seems to past.

A heartbreak,a serious fracture,a broken trust,a mislead path or a humourous laugh. 

Just thing about the moments alike – when it had been worse and the suffereing had been deep. It seemed that you would breath the last and the world is all falling apart. No way seemed to lead you out of it and suffering was in tranquility.

Think about it and realise that it has all been left in the past. No matter how big the problem was it does not exist for now. You braved and held your ground and you are happy now. Learn from the past and live in your present.

Sit back and realise that this too shall pass.Have faith in a greater source,cheer up on a lighter note. As it had before and always will,just keep this in your mind that –

“This Too Shall Pass.”

I Love My Country The Most!

I Love My Country The Most!

Six days had passed since
The time the darkness had set in.
I gathered the strength to get up
And gasp my fading breath.
Lost under the blanket of snow
I saw a ray of light with a hope.
My fellow jawans had come to my rescue
Even if it led to putting their own lives at risk.
They put aside the thick layer of snow
And pulled me up from the bed of my Bharat Maa.

I saw the place again,where I had been posted since long,
I felt the breeze again,that always made me feel at ease.
Resting on the stretcher I caught a glimpse of
The thing which I loved the most.
The Tricolour hoisted at the highest peak on earth.
I closed my eyes with the surety of hope,
That my Motherland would make me well again,
And let me come back and serve here,Again!


Negligent before,Responsible now! 

Negligent before,Responsible now! 

It is evident from the daily going ons that the country and the world faces some dangerously uncontrollable problems which unchecked now would only lead to disability of democracy and equality for the future generations to come.Let us try to understand some of these problems from the lens of an logical and mature human being.

1. Politics- Now this is one of the most dirty jobs for the centuries to come-or at least this is what is perceived to be by the people. Politics of today has reached such a stage where even having an opinion against the politics of the ruling party is considered to be being political rather than being vocal about ones thought. If we look at the politics of today from a deeper perspective we will find that it is actually our fault to have brought it down to such levels. Since a few decades politics has developed the image of a career that is very evil. Corruption,Polarisation,Lobbying are considered to be the core values of todays politics and neglecting our responsibility to correct this has actually fostered the politicians to misuse the democratic machinery of the country. We say that politics is dirty but what have we done to remove this dirt? Simply by voting once in 5 years won’t change the political landscape. One has to accept the reality and take up the responsibility of cleansing the system. When books on our shelves catch dirt do we leave it like that and let the dust pile up or we take a brush and dust it? In the very same way we must make efforts at washing away the dirt that has caught up the political system. One can argue that we once supported an anti-corruption crusader who has done everything what he said he won’t but who turned out to be a joke and a big mistake, but I can counter you with the view that the freedom fighters were able to overthrow the British after centuries only through consistent and persistent efforts. So it’s time we take up the responsibility before it is too late.

2. Cultural ignorance – The youth of this country is very vocal and articulate in portraying their opinions through the medium of social media apart from the traditional print and news channels. They come out in large numbers and protest in large numbers against the minutest and the greatest of causes. Sometimes even going to the extent of revolting against the Guru of the institution. But when it comes to upholding our culture,the present generation is way too ignorant to realise the fact that their survival depends upon it. If you talk to a GenY individual you’ll realise that they have ambitious goals,want to explore and adventure with life but their values are hollow because their upbringing has been somewhat incomplete in a way. The fault lies with our parents to a major extent as to they feel satisfied with the feeling of becoming modern in disguise of actually becoming westernised. Our cultural richness is evident from the fact that many successful billionaires and achievers of the west have turned to India to look for contentment,be it Julia Roberts,Hugh Jackman or The Beatles. In times of adverse situations they found happiness in a place where the natives themselves run away from it-India. 

3. Media created Fantasies – The rise of media monopoly is one of the major threats that is detrimental to the welfare of the society. If an individual has been observing the mainstream media as well as the Social media one would draw stark differences in the perception created by the two. A pattern that I have personally observed is that news channels and print media showcase news that would incite most tensions and disharmony in the society. Running debates at length and asking illogical questions,shouting over each other but never bringing out the facts in front of the people. A second pattern that has been observed is that the media takes up certain issues and telecasts them round the clock while neglecting others them for days and circulating it only after it catches up much furore in the Social Media. This again showcases the selectivity and gross error on the part of media houses in portraying the information.

4. Terrorism – It is very unfair to brand terrorism to be associated with a particular religion but it is equally unfair to completely disassociate oneself from the sensitivity of the situation. Terrorism is on the rise again and at an alarming rate. Innocent youths have been recruited from different paths of the world by brainwashing them to believe distorted facts. Terrorism is itself an act of war on the whole race of humanity rather than targeted religions and communities. It is the grave truth that terrorist organisations are using the name the religion. So it is equally important that religious leaders across all communities join hands and propagate and promote that religion has no association with terrorism. If religion is used to hunt people then it is also important that we make the youth aware about the true values and morals the religion teaches us. This would do more good than coming on news channels and propagating the peaceful and tolerant quotient of ones religion by self styled messenger and avatars of god.

So it is time we take up responsibility that we will not be ignorant, we won’t be sitting idle but we will become the elements of change. 

One of the famous quotes that I have read of the freedom fighters is:-

“For Your Tomorrow,We gave up our today.”

But the today was not what they expected had expected to be like.

Let us also stand together and say:-

“For your hard work we are living peacefully today and from our hard work we will let the generations to come,to live the same way.”

Happiness Program: A happy that persists.

Happiness Program: A happy that persists.

Stumbling upon the stones that come down your path sometimes you find somethings which eventually makes these stones turn into diamonds. We seem content with the desires of what we don’t have rather than in being content with what we have. Constant pursuance of materialistic pleasure, climbing a floor to reach the luxurious destination and then climbing on and on to successive ones without ever getting the feeling that we always thought these things would bring to us – Completeness and Contentment.

I had been holding back from joining the program due to self constructed ego of contentment but finally surrendered one day from it and joined the Happiness Program which changed the definition of completeness and contentment. Waking up at 5 o’ clock in the morning to reach my Kankurgachi centre for my 6.15 to 9.15 am course seemed way too difficult to do and certainly a lot harder than the usual staying up all night and consequently sleeping through the day at times, but having the company of my fellow mates-my wonderful mother and two of her friends along with my friend and a friend of my sister who enrolled for the course along with me made it somewhat possible. And it would certainly be a sin to forget to highlight particularly my friend who came all the way from the South side(New Alipore) of the city, around 18 kms away to the North side(Kankurgachi) of the ‘City of Joy-Kolkata’ to do the course in the wintry mornings for a whole one week without giving it a miss.

The course as heard from my lazy and sleepy-head sister who turned into an energetic and a workaholic personality after the course,would be a life changing experience. So with high expectations and low energy we entered our centre – a simple ground floor garage turned into an Art of Living centre at one of the many lanes of the Kankurgachi. The first day seemed a bit uncomfortable and weird as is usual for all of us when being around new faces, and the mind without any control judging each other without even anything about knowing each other. But then as the hours passed by and as the week went by the strangers turned into US and US into FAMILY. Our teachers or ‘Gurus’ were Devarshi Bhaiya- a dentist and Satakshi Di- a fourth year engineer. They both made us laugh, kept us at peace and made us forget everything that we had left and come in the morning and the only thing that stayed with us was our present.

We started off the first day with a bit of Yoga and freehand exercises. Knowledge- the element that has been considered supreme in our Indian culture was one thing that we could never have complain about as it was showered constantly during the the week. Our Gurus were very interactive and answered all our questions with all the knowledge they had and all that we could do at the answers they gave to us was marvel. The day ended with a short meditation session after which everything seemed to be in a state of content and satisfaction-heart, mind, body and soul. My friend felt so good that he told me that he dint even feel the need to have a look at his phone-which is something none of us could ever imagine as our phones seem a more integral part of our lives than the things that actually matter-values.

On the next day, which we were told we would witness a life changing experience was something which all of us were eagerly waiting for and evidently none of us could ever forget in the days, years or lives going to come-what we had experienced. And true to their statements it was actually a life changing experience. ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ – a routine which is the core of the course was awaiting us. Sitting in our asanas we followed the instructions of our Gurus word by word, method by method and after the conclusion of the routine the feeling that I got and certainly the rest 18  participants can never be expressed in words. The one and a half hour routine energised, rejuvenated, freshened and lighted us up. The feeling before we started the Kriya and after completing it was like the difference between two different worlds, heaven and hell. Before the Kriya we were sleepy, dizzy and lazy but after doing the Kriya it felt like a gush of energy had entered our body. The feeling of calm, completeness, contentment, joy, happiness and positivity was all because of this simple routine which is actually very easy for everyone to do. It as an experience altogether which is to be practiced by an individual and preached universally after mastering it. It is not bound by religion, countries or faith as evident from the fact that a hundred and fifty million people all across the globe have learned this art which has indeed brought great positive changes in their lives. We are indebted to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji who brought this to us and profound happiness along with it. Sudarshan Kriya is one of the best or maybe the best thing so far that has ever happened or rather happening to me and it is all because of Guruji. The feeling after doing the Kriya is surreal. There have been noted observations that this Kriya does bring in stable levels of antioxidants in our body but no science has been able to prove how or map the way it energizes but they do recognise the difference before and after doing the Kriya and the difference is indeed positive. This is the depth of the routine. Having doing this Kriya for a few days the thought provoking effects that I have come across at my individual levels are:-

  • Waking up early- as early as 4.30 am sometimes without feeling the need to stay inside the blanket for a bit long even during this cold chilly mornings.
  • Being able to work through the day-writing during the mornings, office, and college and then playing some music after coming back home and it doesn’t tire me at all.
  • A positive attitude towards life. Enjoying the present moment come what may be.
  • Ability to understand things and individuals from a broader perspective.

These are just a few of the things that makes me feel all charged up and a better person al together and the only difference in me a few weeks back and now is embracing this gift – ‘Sudarshan Kriya.’ And am not the only person who feels this way. Meeting people who have done this course or workshop at the projects of Art of Living I find a smile on their face and happiness which can hardly get unnoticed. One can never imagine that happiness can be so easy to achieve or rather feel.

Human nature is such that it doesn’t accept what it doesn’t understand but there are some things that should be experienced before it can be understood and ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ happens to be the latter one.I would therefore encourage you to enrol yourself in Art of Living centre next to you and experience happiness that does not fade away but persists.


Before I start reigning down on hypocrites let us just spend a moment in silence for the innocents who lost their lives on this ‘BLACK DAY’ which shook us in the history of Independent India and also for the brave martyrs who fought to keep India as Incredible as it is.
Now let us understand what this means for us and for those to whom it doesn’t mean anything- why should it mean more for you than the former! 

We woke up on the morning of 26th of November 2008 to be informed of a group of 8 terrorists who had captured the heart of Financial Capital of our country- Mumbai! I remember being in the 8th standard getting on my carpool early in the morning after making my conductor wait and honk for the while,an every morning story and after getting on was informed by a fellow mate that a group of terrorists had entered India and were on a Killing Spree! It took me 2 days to realise what was happening but I could never understand WHY and still don’t understand why !?! Killing innocent people on their jolly time with their family is not an act of shame it is and act of cowardice! 

The NSG commandos who were combating the terrorist in the hotels and other places- Nariman house that these terrorists had captured were immensely unprepared. They had inferior weaponry,disadvantage of the 9’0 clock man revealing each individual commandos location and saying to the terrorist- ‘INDIA wants to TELL’ -this is how and when my commandos are going to come and shoot you. So that you can wait in excitement to cut the birthday cake! Yeah! Exactly that is Journalism! Sitting inside a secured air conditioned studio and revealing every possible information on the joint operations in combating the forces that the wanted to erase the story written in diaries of as many people as possible! The 9’O clock man’s suite was followed by others,making them as irresponsible a journalist as the former was! And I can say proudly if another situation prevails again-God forbid – he would do exactly the same!

“Breaking News – We are the first to bring to you all the information on joint operations being conducted by our security forces!” 

Why should we tolerate this?? Why at all!

Now there is a weird thing going on with the influence of I don’t know but there is certainly an influence ! The celebrities,the award-wapasers, the anti-nationals,and a section of the society portraying India as intolerant! Where was your sense of fear for security,care for casualties and patriotism and sympathy for the jawans and innocents who lost their lives! I mean you chose to be silent and even today yes TODAY – why don’t you guys cry for these innocents! The kids,the cab drivers,the mothers who lost their lives. On this very day almost a decade ago!

I mean I feel like hurling abuses like I don’t know on how many people but I’ll be silent because I’m tolerant certainly a lot more than you!

Now to counter all the baseless arguments –

Firstly on Shahrukh and Aamir. Their go goers and lovers are arguing they were correct in making their statements stating- freedom of speech,freedom of religion,freedom of expression! Please shut up! The biggest blot are actually these people! See how you can expose them! They made all sorts of statements defaming India – categorically stating India has become Intolerant,we don’t feel safe and their fans trending IStandWithSRK/AAMIR! I want to ask you guys,the fans why shouldn’t their celebs be equally vocal and reaching out in spreading justice,justice for the 26/11 masterminds! Where the hell is Aamir’s and SRK’s Right to speak for the victims of 26/11 – why no message against these attacks on this very day! Just have a look at their social media pages- none of them,I repeat none of them have condemned this day but they can go on to defame India creating an Intolerant perception of my great country across the globe! This is how they stand EXPOSED, their double standards! Aamir actually signed a written petition against Narendra Modi calling on to deny him USA visa,wasn’t he of all,Intolerant then?!

Secondly, all the fans stand by the celebrities! Let me ask you one thing! If ever a situation comes where India goes on war- are you going to go and stand behind the backs of these chumcha celebrities who don’t even have respect for the martyrs or are you gonna feel safe with an Army Jawan next to you! Who would let a hundred bullets hit him until even a single one scratches your skin,former or the latter?Shouldn’t we be more patriotic than being idiotic and call for a campaign in bringing technology and expertise to the jawans so that they can defend us causing minimum injury to them! Have you taken a look at their weapons- they stand no chance against the weapons that terrorists brandish! Who needs our support more? Answer for your self! 

Thirdly, why do we criticise them. Let me as the people why does it hurt your butt? Did we criticise when he petitioned against are present PM? No! Yes so why now! It is because he portrayed my country in the negative light! And if someone comes as near as defaming and maligning the image of our country- we won’t tolerate it!! Go hell with intolerance and go hell with your right to everything! You have to apologise and a simple apology won’t do- please make an apology categorically as always you do when you make your statements! At the same time we will be non- violent – we have always been!! We will just boycott your movies,brand endorsements,shows because until the time all of you learn a lesson – we will never reach on the Golden Era that our country stood at! 
Lastly,the attempts at creating divides on the basis of religion Everyone is saying that we criticised him because he belongs to a particular religion! I mean what stupid mindset have we got in the heads of these supporters! Can’t they understand we were tolerable when he portrayed and hurt the beliefs of the people by portraying religious beliefs as totally absurd! We loved,appreciated and cheered him because we were not blind to see the little truth that prevailed in it! But what about the other side! The beliefs that bonds us – the concept of Universal Brotherhood,Matra Bhoomi,Atithi Devo Bhava,Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam ( whole world is one family),and that God resides in all the individuals and shouldn’t these beliefs have been portrayed equivocally! 

Should an Italian woman who can’t even speak the official as well as national language of the country tell us how and in which direction our patriotism should be directed OR a Universal fool tell us what policies and rules are good or bad for us when he spends a good 2 months abroad in vacation and questions the credentials of our honourable PM who is actually working hard to bring India on the global map again.Are these leaders in whose hands you want India to fall into again! Don’t ask us to tolerate them,it’s high time we become intolerant to them at least !!
Please try to understand the gravity of the situation! It is high time now! I mean one thing that has the government done which warrants such reaction by a section of the society! I still have friends from all religion and beliefs! I can still argue and question their beliefs and practices and their mine- because we are not extremists we are rationalists! 

Let us come together in erasing this Intolerance debate once and for all! 

Let us stand against those who want to malign the image of this country!

Let us not us not define tolerance in the blind sense-there has to be some limits!

Let us not fall in the trap of these unconcerned one sided individuals!


And lastly I want to quote what our HONOURABLE,RESPECTABLE,DIGNIFIED,VISIONARY AND CHARISMATIC Prime Minister had recited during one of his speeches- 

“Saugandh Mujhe is MITTI ki Mein ye desh nahi Mitne dunga,

Saugandh Mujhe is mitti ki mein ye desh nahi Jhukne dunga! “

Jai Hind!