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Happy New Year 2018! 😊

May your year start with a wave of happiness 😊

Fall in love with the abundance of life. ❤️

May wisdom and knowledge shine on you ✨

And wealth and prosperity knock your door. 🚪

On the Path of Liberation!

On the Path of Liberation!

This world as we see, is just a play,
Driven by hollow perceptions of the mind.
There is a wheel of emotions and feelings
That churns the heart of every individual.
The way out of this misery is,
To walk on the path of liberation.

It’s only a few fortunate ones
Who travel on the path of liberation.
Bounded by actions and desires
The rest are subjected to unending grief.
But the one who comes to this path
Sets himself free from this finite world.

He neither desires nor is he averse
To any objects in this world.
Be it sorrow or joy, happiness or remorse
He becomes indifferent to either of them.
Yet he performs his sacred duties
Remaining unattached to the fruits of the action.

There will come a thousand thorns
Yet they seem like a bed of roses to him.
He certainly will fall and crumble,
But never does he feel broken and fallen.
For he has crossed the ocean of duality, and
Remains established in the supreme state.

Love and peace have become his nature
Knowledge and wisdom his only companion,
Ever pure he lives in total equanimity.
He has no enemies nor any friends
For everyone and everything is his
On this path of liberation.

P.S. – Inspired by The Supreme Yoga – Yoga Vasishta.

Makin it Merrier 😊

Makin it Merrier 😊

The bling has disappeared
The lights have faded.
What stood with me last 25th
Seems too far to even be percieved.

The words that used to mesmerise
Have turned into memories.
The smile that would brighten me
Have become lost into eternity.

I wish thee all the love in the world
For it must only be for the greater good.
There is no escaping that it’s reality
For it’s been time since it ceased to be.

Take the plunge into joy from sorrow
Wake up from past and walk into present.
Breakup from the dullness and
Roll into the ocean of happiness.

Smile for its Christmas of 2016
Dance for 2017 is just a week away.
Bathe in bliss for it is the need to be
Be spirited for life is a game to play.

To The Ocean

To The Ocean

I walked to the ocean
And wondered – ‘Where endst thou?’
I looked across to the end of horizon
And thought – ‘How beautiful sight tis is?’
I found a place on the beach to sit
And dwelled – ‘What brings me to thee?’

What is that subtle force that has lead
To the creation of this vast ocean.
Where the sky,ocean and land intersect
To make a spectre so miraculous to see.
Where all the discomfort and sorrow ends
To give rise to an expanse of never ending joy.

It’s here that the serenity and vibrancy
Of the nature comes to light.
Tis where the play of night and day
Seems to start and end, again for eternity.
It is only here from where the man
Seems to come to life and die, again and again!

I Am Waiting…

I Am Waiting…

I am waiting for you to come back
And give love another chance.
I am waiting to hear from you again
And let blossom a world that’s only ours.

I am waiting for you to look into my eyes
And say that our bonding is true and deep.
I am waiting for you to hold my hands
And make me feel like at home,again.

I am waiting to catch a glimpse of you
And express how beautiful you are.
I am waiting to see that smile of yours
And dive into an ocean of unmatched joy.

I am waiting for you to hold me tight
And say that this is where you belong.
I am waiting for the longing to transcend
And turn into a love that lasts beyond time.

I am waiting for all this to happen
And experience what US feels like.
I am waiting for the journey to begin
And I promise that I will never let it end.

Love That Has..

Love That Has..

The love that has faded
The memories that have evaded
The lies that have evaporated
The intimacy which has deviated
Are not an end to your existence
For it is not the only means of sustenance.

Don’t blame it upon her, for she
Was not alone in bringing it down to this.
Don’t make cursing her a habit, for she
Was the one you worshiped a while ago.
Don’t let the love turn into hate, for she
Was the angel you had met on earth.

Accept that it has come to an end
Only to set the balls rolling for a new beginning.
Don’t be bothered by who she is going to be with
For the divine would give her nothing short of the best.
It would not be wise of you to put her at fault
For she was never perfect and neither were you.

If you have loved her truly and completely
Then you should let the love live immortally.
Smile for the great moments you had
And wish for hers to come, to be even greater.
Give the a taste of the divine love to the world,
That still sparkles deep in your heart.
So what if she couldn’t be with you
Let the world be a witness to the depths of it.
Make giving your only means of living
And let thy energy become ever reverberating.

How Would It Be ?

How Would It Be ?

How beautiful would it be
When the writers are kind enough
To give their words to a soulful voice.
How wonderful would it be
When a teacher by profession
Teaches a few students for free.
How great would it be
When the ones who are wise
Make their wisdom available to all.
How serene would it be
When the owner of a grand mansion
Allows the children play in the backyard.
How dynamic would it be
When the ones who are fortunate
Take steps to help the less fortunate.
How incredible would it be
When in a competition, the competitor
Would be the one to guide you to victory.
How heart touching would it be
When a person walking down the road
Would walk up to everyone in need.

How amazing would it be
When everyone feels that they
Are a part of a one big family.
How good is the world going to be
When violence and hate is put to grave
To make the world a better place.
How blissful is it going to be
When desires and wants are let
To be taken over by divinity.
How incredible is it going to be
When a person loves not a person
But the nations’s whole creation.
How enormous is it going to be
When one person sets on a mission
To bring a smile on everyone’s face.