How To Overcome The Challenges Of Life?

How To Overcome The Challenges Of Life?

Living in the 21st century our lives are a tale of frequent twists and turns. Be it relationships, academics, family, friends or career, we all have to deal with a number of people.This brings many challenging situations into our lives and it becomes extremely difficult to cope up with such unbearable scenarios in life. We seem to get lost amidst it all and fail to find a way out of the mess.

More so we have always been told to exceed beyond our competitors, as such our lives have become a constant story of competitions which never seem to cease. Trying to be the perfect child, the perfect husband, a perfect employee or a perfect worker makes us forget about our very own existence. It is true that perfection is a much needed reality that we must all seek to achieve but at the same moment we must realise about the illusion of it.

To cope up with the challenges that come in our lives it is necessary to have the right kind of knowledge and always be in the company of your own self. You have to realise that whatever advices or learning that you have got in your life, it is ultimately upon you to make the decisions. No one can ever force with that! The world may be up against you but you have to be true to your nature and character. 

Here are a few ways on how you can overcome the challenges that come in your lives.

1. Keep a positive attitude – Winning is success but success is definitely not in winning! Your failures are what plays a major role in making you a better person. To have a positive attitude and the courage to face the adversities is what will help you to sail through in life. You lost, you are broken but just think for a minute – is it over yet? Definitely no! What has happened, has happened and there is no point crying about it. Accept it with a smile and have the courage to move forward.

2. Have Patience – Often in our efforts to achieve we forget about the value of patience. A seed sown takes months or years to bear fruits and flowers, similarly so does our efforts and actions. Being in a hurry robs us off our simplicity and efficiency. Often it happens so that in our impatience we let go of our very own success. We seem to loose the focus on the effort to the fruit of the action which ultimately robs us off the fun in both. Try to be calm and composed for remember one thing that your efforts will never go unrewarded. It may take time but it will definitely be worth.

3. Don’t shy away from taking help – Each individual has his own unique capabilities. A soccer player cannot run a formulae one car. We all specialise in our very own talents. It takes a writer, composer, a number of musicians and a singer to make a beautiful song. With time you must have also developed understanding of what are your capabilities. It would surely be wise to seek the help of the talented and the capable to complete the things that you have started, effectively and efficiently. It is not a sign of weakness but a sign of complementing each other’s shortcomings and team work. Even a flower needs water to sparkle so what should stop you from taking help?

4. Become aware of the opposites – Life is a cycle of ups and downs. Business cycles are characterised by frequent periods of boom, stagnation and recession and so the phases come in our lives. We have all been witness to times of happiness and sorrow. It is all a part of a bigger game. Bring awareness to this eternal reality that both good and bad are important for they both co-exist. This is the very law of nature and all of us are bound by it. Accept both of them with equality and don’t become feverish about the either.

5. Learn from your failures – The bad thing about winning is that it often robs you off the ability to be a learner. Failures are important for it helps you to realise and learn from the mistakes that you have done. It makes you conscious about them so that you can be more careful in your next step and who knows, come out with even better results. We all marvel at the success of the most famous people around the globe but if you ask any of them about the reason for it, they all will have one thing to say – ‘learn from your mistakes.’

6. Keep the company of the wise – While there will be tons of people out there to criticise you and ridicule every move that you make, there would be some who would always cheer you up and boost your morale. While the majority would be otherwise, having even a single companion in your difficult times will help you to achieve what you have set goals on. See how a mother loves and cares of her child unconditionally. The world may say that he is incapable or unworthy but it is her undoubted belief and conviction that makes him come out with flying colours. Take interest in the company of the people who motivate and advice you in your times of need.

7. Never give up – This is the most important thing. You may have started a new business venture and it might have failed. The wise thing to do would be to accept it and give it another shot. Don’t give up on yourself. Whether to start it from the scratch or do something new this time would be best known to you. But you should never loose that spark to rise up and start afresh. Have faith in you and the world, your failure is just a test to see if you can sustain the success. There are thousands of reason to give up but just one that says not to – “I have to make it.”

Life is simple but the blame on making it difficult lies solely on us for in our efforts to excel and overdo we have forgotten how to live it through. A sailor is ready to face the unprecedented situations in the ocean for he knows that he has set on is riddle with hardships and difficulties. But he turns an adverse situation into an opportunity to face it correctly. Even you are living in-between an ocean of opportunities, the reality of which can be brought by making a simple shift in your attitude in life.

Rainbow or the Sun ?

Rainbow or the Sun ?

Have you ever got drenched in the rain? How does it feel? Those puddles on the roads, the rain drops falling from the sky, on your cheeks and bringing a sense of contentment and calmness. No matter what state of mind you were in just a while ago, you are elevated to a surreal state that is somewhat unfathomable for you to contemplate. Your heart fills up with gratitude and you marvel at the nature’s wonderful play.

The rains, especially the first of the season fill up each and every corner of your heart with love. But what if there is something even better that is waiting for you after the rain? Yes, the rainbow! That colossal arc right across the sky, composed of seven vibrant colours. It brings the beauty of the nature to the foray. If the serenity wasn’t enough the tranquility accompanies the rainbow and demands appeasement, which is too difficult to be ignored for anyone.

But have you ever tried to dwell on how a rainbow rises or what is the source of it. Rainbow is a simple reflection of light in water drops. The sun is the source and yet the rainbow becomes the element of our celebration. Be it summer, winter or autumn the sun spreads its rays throughout the expanse nature. It is very analogous to our lives. We desire so much of vibrancy and sadly try to derive so much of contentment from them that in the end we fail to understand the source of our very own existence.

Love, fear, jealousy, gratefulness, joy, worry, lust and others are the rainbows of our lives. They come and bring along a plethora of variety into our lives. But just like the rainbow they are elements which are in the nature of momentary existence. They do not last for long and the reason for the same is that they are simply not supposed to. Just think about it, if a person is always happy wouldn’t that bring a sense of mundane in his life and to others around him, who would gradually start hating him for his forever happy nature. But think about the one that is behind it all, your self. You are the one who has always been experiencing all these emotions and feelings and giving them them the place that they have got. The source of all the joy and misery in your lives is you, yourself! Sounds strange right? Just like the sun which shines eternally you have always been the one experiencing all of it. This has been the way since the very time you came on this planet and it will be the way, till the time you breath your last.

So why is it that we love the rainbow more than the sun? Simply, because our mind has become tuned to the habit of seeing the big in the small and ignoring the big in the biggest of all. Just sit for a moment and think, how much time do you spend with your parents? They are your source but you are running after your friends, career and celebration, the rainbow. But the former is always going to be by your side, no matter what. So stop running and just sit and relax. Your celebration is in understanding the permanence of the subtle and the impermanence of the materials. The difficulties that have come in your lives in the past, have come and just gone past by right? Similarly the ones that are there presently there will also not last long and will just disintegrate in a while. Next time when you are sad or in a challenging situation just see that element as a rainbow and yourself as the sun. The rainbow is bound to disappear but you are going to be the constant one!

Observe the ocean

Observe the ocean

For once calm down, relax and observe everything that is going on in your life. Even as an ocean gives rise to turbulent storms and waves, your life brings many adversities and challenges on your way. Sitting at a beach and observing the waves and the vastness of the ocean brings a sense of calmness and contentment to your being. So will sitting back and witnessing everything that is going on in your own life will. 

Just like the waves rise and vanish, so will all the advertisities and challenges that comes in your way. Realising about the infinite of things will make you leave the grasp of the finite. Look at the vastness of this world and make yourself a part of it. Sit, relax, close your eyes and let yourself get mixed with the infinite ocean of existence.

Makin it Merrier 😊

Makin it Merrier 😊

The bling has disappeared
The lights have faded.
What stood with me last 25th
Seems too far to even be percieved.

The words that used to mesmerise
Have turned into memories.
The smile that would brighten me
Have become lost into eternity.

I wish thee all the love in the world
For it must only be for the greater good.
There is no escaping that it’s reality
For it’s been time since it ceased to be.

Take the plunge into joy from sorrow
Wake up from past and walk into present.
Breakup from the dullness and
Roll into the ocean of happiness.

Smile for its Christmas of 2016
Dance for 2017 is just a week away.
Bathe in bliss for it is the need to be
Be spirited for life is a game to play.

Bridge the Adversities! 

Bridge the Adversities! 

There is a reason for everything that happens. Your going to bed early will enable you to get up early, your forgetting a 100 rupee note on the dining table may actually come in handy for your mother who is in a hurry to go and get the grocery. There is a subtle way in which all that is happening is interlinked which is beyond the average man’s contemplative mind. The mind though looks at things with complexity is comfortable with things that seem to be simple and steady.

We humans by our nature have a very unique habit of becoming victim conscious. A heartbreak, a scold from the boss or a flat tyre, all these adverse situations gives rise to a common question in our minds – Why does it always have to be me? Which is sure to remain unanswered, until sincerely enquired upon without a prejudice. This ultimately pushes you to a zone of contemplation where all the forces in the world seem to be making an attempt to cripple you from the inside and the outside. What is even more sad is that you don’t seem to find a way out it. You have grown so much used to it that you have chosen to accept that you are always going to be a lonely victim in this world’s unscrupulous play.

Indeed, life is complex and the way out to deal it is even more complex. You as an individual have to tackle an avenue of areas – relationships, family, business, personal space. To have a uniform approach across all of it seems to be a difficulty to everyone at large. You might be soft and humble in your relationship but rough and robust in at your business. It boils down to a complexity in your attitude which is justifiable given the roles that you need to play. But you must have heard about that mathematical principle which says – A minus and a minus makes a plus? Similarly, a complex life with an seeming to be achievable complex attitude makes everything a whole lot simple. You know what matters is not the degrees from Harvard, Stanford or any other reputed institution but what matters the most is your attitude! If a student of a reputed institution feels uncomfortable in working in an adverse scenario then what is the point of such ideal education. With the right kind of attitude one will surely find a way out of the adverse to realise and traverse to the desired goal.

You need to develop dispassion in the occurrence of events. They take place rapidly but our mind dwell on them deeply and for long. You need to try and be a little less attached to the things happening all around. For the way time moves, holding onto something would bring your life to a standstill that would make you escape from the enjoyment of the present. Sympathy, condoling and sorrow bring your energy levels to a low. You have to realise that all the problems in the world are not yours to own. Be gentle from the heart and if the need be, you may be a little rough or stern on the exterior as the situation may demand. Do not get caught in the grip of it for it will burden you and bring remorse.

Whatever is happening is happening for a reason. There are two kinds of attitude to deal with victim consciousness. Either you stick to it and accept that you are a victim of the world’s apathy towards you or you learn to face it with a spirited attitude. Be aware that what has already happened has already happened. There is no point on dwelling on it, it is wise to look the way forward and emanate a positive attitude. The complex situations are going to be complex ,there is no remedy to it. But the complexity of your dealing with them can easily be handled by developing the right kind of attitude. Tell me what is the significance of being happy if you have not felt the sadness in life? Would it make any sense at all? The adversities in life are not to dishearten you but to polish you and brighten you. Recalling about the adversities in your life will make you realise that they have indeed played a major role in making you stronger and better. Switch from being a victim to being a witness. You never think yourself as being a victim of to much of happiness? So witness the good and the bad with equality for there exists the diversity and it’s upon you to bring in the stability.

To The Ocean

To The Ocean

I walked to the ocean
And wondered – ‘Where endst thou?’
I looked across to the end of horizon
And thought – ‘How beautiful sight tis is?’
I found a place on the beach to sit
And dwelled – ‘What brings me to thee?’

What is that subtle force that has lead
To the creation of this vast ocean.
Where the sky,ocean and land intersect
To make a spectre so miraculous to see.
Where all the discomfort and sorrow ends
To give rise to an expanse of never ending joy.

It’s here that the serenity and vibrancy
Of the nature comes to light.
Tis where the play of night and day
Seems to start and end, again for eternity.
It is only here from where the man
Seems to come to life and die, again and again!