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Dealing with Conflicts

Conflicts in life can be resolved by understanding the perspective of affected individuals. Only then can the efforts be sincere and effective. The source, inspiration & goal of such efforts should always be Love. #WedesdayWisdom


Solution to problems

Problems and conflicts are a part of life. Often we get stuck with them and donโ€™t look towards finding the solutions. The way out is to shift your attention away from them and focus on the solutions.

Become a Pearl!

Become a Pearl!

Have you ever seen a piece of natural pearl? How wonderful it looks! It makes one admire the beauty and the essence of this white piece of object.

You dip the pearl in a mud, or throw it on the floor, the pearl has the strange characteristic of never loosing it’s charm and identity. Whether it is put together in a piece of thread to form a neckpiece or put inside a glass box, it always looks admirable. It’s environment, surroundings or the vessel it is kept in might change but it still remains the pearl of wisdom and truth.

This is exactly as to how we as individuals should be. We have made our lives revolve around concepts, trends and notions. These are very vague and opaque which make us fail to realise about the vibrancy of life. Whatever the situations, or opinions of people around you maybe, you should always stay in touch with the real you. A pearl does not try to become beautiful or magnificent, it is the very nature of it. So, don’t try too hard to be beautiful, or adorable. Realise that you already are and be natural.

So what are you waiting for?


Best Will Come To You

Best Will Come To You

Often we get disheartened at not getting what we desired for. The wise thing is to always ask for what is best for you from the Divine. You may always be asking for more money but there might be an unending dance of love and joy with a little less of money, waiting for you.

Life is much larger than our small cravings and aversion. There is an ocean for us to embrace, so why should we settle for a well or a pond. Have faith and belief that this life only the best is going to come to you.

To The Ocean

To The Ocean

I walked to the ocean
And wondered – ‘Where endst thou?’
I looked across to the end of horizon
And thought – ‘How beautiful sight tis is?’
I found a place on the beach to sit
And dwelled – ‘What brings me to thee?’

What is that subtle force that has lead
To the creation of this vast ocean.
Where the sky,ocean and land intersect
To make a spectre so miraculous to see.
Where all the discomfort and sorrow ends
To give rise to an expanse of never ending joy.

It’s here that the serenity and vibrancy
Of the nature comes to light.
Tis where the play of night and day
Seems to start and end, again for eternity.
It is only here from where the man
Seems to come to life and die, again and again!