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Smile when in a problem! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Smile when in a problem! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Only thing wise people do when a problem arises is smile. For living in knowledge has made them realise the ultimate truth – This too shall pass.โ€

Just reflect back on your life. All the problems that had come on your door, they knocked and bothered you for a while. Now they are just faded memories in the alley of memories lane.

Looking back on some would make you laugh at yourself for being bothered by them, isn’t it?

So why invest your precious energy stressing the mind with it. Just realise the problem and smile. Surely, smiling won’t solve the problem but it definitely won’t make it worse.

So just……SMILE ๐Ÿ˜Š

P.S. – The amazing person reading this now knows what to do when a problem comes up ๐Ÿ˜‰

To win or to loose?

To win or to loose?

If you would be offered a boon and there would be a choice –

‘You want to always win’


‘You want to always lose’

Which boon would you ask for?

The first one certainly! Like most of the wise people you would definitely ask to be granted a boon that would always make you the winner. That joy of sailing past everyone to leave them behind indeed seems blissful!

But I would choose the neither. For me it’s not a great thing to win nor is it bad to loose. I see beyond these two facets of life. There is a more deeper and subtle element beyond these two ‘learning.’

If you ask most of the successful people around the world that what propelled them to come to the pedestal they are upon, they would gleam and say- “it’s the failures.” It was not their victory that brought them success but their failures. The latter gave them a chance to introspect and dig deeper into their abilities.

It should never be about winning or loosing but about learning. Life is a constant journey to evolve and to grow. There are people who feel happy after winning and there are others who feel sad after loosing. I just look for the hidden wisdom in the occurrence of both the events!

Happy New Year 2018! ๐Ÿ˜Š

May your year start with a wave of happiness ๐Ÿ˜Š

Fall in love with the abundance of life. โค๏ธ

May wisdom and knowledge shine on you โœจ

And wealth and prosperity knock your door. ๐Ÿšช


Dealing with Conflicts

Conflicts in life can be resolved by understanding the perspective of affected individuals. Only then can the efforts be sincere and effective. The source, inspiration & goal of such efforts should always be Love. #WedesdayWisdom


Let us Grow

The only way to know that you have grown in life is when you have helped others to grow. You expand when you move away from the individual to the collective and adopt a vision that sees and works for a broader spectrum.

So just let yourself expand. ๐Ÿ˜Š


Solution to problems

Problems and conflicts are a part of life. Often we get stuck with them and donโ€™t look towards finding the solutions. The way out is to shift your attention away from them and focus on the solutions.

On the Path of Liberation!

On the Path of Liberation!

This world as we see, is just a play,
Driven by hollow perceptions of the mind.
There is a wheel of emotions and feelings
That churns the heart of every individual.
The way out of this misery is,
To walk on the path of liberation.

It’s only a few fortunate ones
Who travel on the path of liberation.
Bounded by actions and desires
The rest are subjected to unending grief.
But the one who comes to this path
Sets himself free from this finite world.

He neither desires nor is he averse
To any objects in this world.
Be it sorrow or joy, happiness or remorse
He becomes indifferent to either of them.
Yet he performs his sacred duties
Remaining unattached to the fruits of the action.

There will come a thousand thorns
Yet they seem like a bed of roses to him.
He certainly will fall and crumble,
But never does he feel broken and fallen.
For he has crossed the ocean of duality, and
Remains established in the supreme state.

Love and peace have become his nature
Knowledge and wisdom his only companion,
Ever pure he lives in total equanimity.
He has no enemies nor any friends
For everyone and everything is his
On this path of liberation.

P.S. – Inspired by The Supreme Yoga – Yoga Vasishta.

Rainbow or the Sun ?

Rainbow or the Sun ?

Have you ever got drenched in the rain? How does it feel? Those puddles on the roads, the rain drops falling from the sky, on your cheeks and bringing a sense of contentment and calmness. No matter what state of mind you were in just a while ago, you are elevated to a surreal state that is somewhat unfathomable for you to contemplate. Your heart fills up with gratitude and you marvel at the nature’s wonderful play.

The rains, especially the first of the season fill up each and every corner of your heart with love. But what if there is something even better that is waiting for you after the rain? Yes, the rainbow! That colossal arc right across the sky, composed of seven vibrant colours. It brings the beauty of the nature to the foray. If the serenity wasn’t enough the tranquility accompanies the rainbow and demands appeasement, which is too difficult to be ignored for anyone.

But have you ever tried to dwell on how a rainbow rises or what is the source of it. Rainbow is a simple reflection of light in water drops. The sun is the source and yet the rainbow becomes the element of our celebration. Be it summer, winter or autumn the sun spreads its rays throughout the expanse nature. It is very analogous to our lives. We desire so much of vibrancy and sadly try to derive so much of contentment from them that in the end we fail to understand the source of our very own existence.

Love, fear, jealousy, gratefulness, joy, worry, lust and others are the rainbows of our lives. They come and bring along a plethora of variety into our lives. But just like the rainbow they are elements which are in the nature of momentary existence. They do not last for long and the reason for the same is that they are simply not supposed to. Just think about it, if a person is always happy wouldn’t that bring a sense of mundane in his life and to others around him, who would gradually start hating him for his forever happy nature. But think about the one that is behind it all, your self. You are the one who has always been experiencing all these emotions and feelings and giving them them the place that they have got. The source of all the joy and misery in your lives is you, yourself! Sounds strange right? Just like the sun which shines eternally you have always been the one experiencing all of it. This has been the way since the very time you came on this planet and it will be the way, till the time you breath your last.

So why is it that we love the rainbow more than the sun? Simply, because our mind has become tuned to the habit of seeing the big in the small and ignoring the big in the biggest of all. Just sit for a moment and think, how much time do you spend with your parents? They are your source but you are running after your friends, career and celebration, the rainbow. But the former is always going to be by your side, no matter what. So stop running and just sit and relax. Your celebration is in understanding the permanence of the subtle and the impermanence of the materials. The difficulties that have come in your lives in the past, have come and just gone past by right? Similarly the ones that are there presently there will also not last long and will just disintegrate in a while. Next time when you are sad or in a challenging situation just see that element as a rainbow and yourself as the sun. The rainbow is bound to disappear but you are going to be the constant one!

Observe the ocean

Observe the ocean

For once calm down, relax and observe everything that is going on in your life. Even as an ocean gives rise to turbulent storms and waves, your life brings many adversities and challenges on your way. Sitting at a beach and observing the waves and the vastness of the ocean brings a sense of calmness and contentment to your being. So will sitting back and witnessing everything that is going on in your own life will. 

Just like the waves rise and vanish, so will all the advertisities and challenges that comes in your way. Realising about the infinite of things will make you leave the grasp of the finite. Look at the vastness of this world and make yourself a part of it. Sit, relax, close your eyes and let yourself get mixed with the infinite ocean of existence.

From The Difficult To Blissful

From The Difficult To Blissful

Many a times in life it has so happened that certain situations have cropped up that have put your strength and calibre to test. The determination and enthusiasm had seemed to fade and life seemed to be no less than a hell. Your conscience seemed to drain and your mental peace would have turned to a new low.

Relationships, career, or personal aspects it might have been, your life had surely seemed to be sent for a toss and your mind must have cornered you all the more. These stumbling blocks are sure to drive you down for they are here to get the better of you. You may feel like giving up on your mission, vision or even life but true to your nature this should not be the way.
It is said that getting a human life is so precious. Being the most advanced species, the onus lies on us to make this world a better place. So giving up should be the option that you must delete. The only way to move forward is remembrance of the past, drawing lessons from it and the existence of the paramount present. Look back in your life and you would see a host of problems that must have cropped up. The difficult times at school, struggles at getting your first job, making ends meet in times of recession or any other moment when it had all seemed to crumble. What do you realise? All these had come and so have they gone. Be sure to remember that all the situations that exist now will not exist later and so does the difficult times that have come.

It is not how strong are you that will help you move through it but your belief in the ultimate truth – nothing is constant, everything is changing and so will this difficult time. It will give rise to a joy, sooner or later for sure. It may take a while, must surely not be at your pace but it is bound to happen. You are destined to traverse an ocean of happiness and joy. It will be your very choice to jump into it to make life a celebration which you are destined to. The night sets to give rise to the sun at the break of dawn and so does difficulties adore your time to blossom seeds of infinite love. A postive attitude and a firm belief and faith in the supreme power that governs the existence is what you need to stand through it all. Seasons change, people do and so does the times. Have a gleaming smile on your face and let come what may, be calm, contented and just wait to move away from the difficult to the blissful.