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The Unknown Possibility over a Meal!

The Unknown Possibility over a Meal!

Ashankit was on a door to door campaign in Salt Lake to collect old news papers, with his friends. Their NGO – ‘The Art of Living’ had planned to raise funds for the victims of a recent flood that had broken out in the rural parts of West Bengal. The funds raised from selling old newspapers would be utilized in sending relief materials to the villages.

They had just completed collecting papers from 10 houses. Midway into the collection he could feel his phone vibrating. He took out his cellphone and saw the name displayed on screen – “Papa.” His dad called up Ashankit, to inform him that in the evening they would be going for dinner with Mehta Uncle and his family! “I was looking forward to this!” exclaimed Ashankit to himself after keeping the phone.

It was at around 6.30 pm when Ashankit was heading back home. They were able to collect around 500 kgs of newspaper and magazines from Salt Lake and another residential complex in Lake Town, all in a matter of few hours. Having weighed and handed over the newspapers to the dropping point he was heading back home after an adventurous day.

After reaching home, he did his meditation and got ready. Meditation had become a must in Ashankit’s daily routine. No matter how busy his schedule would be, he would always take out time to meditate! There was a time when his life had taken a topsy-turvy but it was only through regular meditation that he was able to gain back his balance.

Ashankit had two siblings, an elder sister Gia and a younger brother Kirat. Both of them were very awestruck with the idea of going for a dinner, as it was not a usual thing. However, Ashankit was excited to meet new, yet a little sort of known people! All of them got ready and left for JW Mariott Hotel, their mom was also accompanying them.

On the way to the hotel Ashankit’s dad received a call from Mehta Uncle. Ashankit’s dad told his wife that Mehta Uncle and his family had already reached and they were waiting for us. Ashankit was the one on the wheel and his other two siblings were busy on their phones.

Upon reaching the grand JW Marriott hotel, they walked into the dining area and Ashankit saw his dad walk up to Mehta Uncle and greet him. He had never met Mehta Uncle, his dad’s recent yet a very close friend. Hearing them speak so often over the phone made him feel like he had to meet him!

Ashankit went straight up to Mehta Uncle and his wife, Shraddha and touched their feet to take their blessings. Dia and Kirat followed suit. This was a sight to wonder at for Mehta Uncle’s two daughters – Sambhavna and Vinuja. They were just awestruck to see him bow down. All they could do was gather themselves from their confusion and exchange greetings with Ashankit’s parents.

All the five, bright and young adults exchanged greetings with each other. There was obviously a sign of awkwardness for they were new faces around them. However, one was at extreme comfort and ease. It could only be Ashankit! There was only one question that was lingering on his mind –

‘Where was the third sibling?’

He was sure that dad had told him that Mehta Uncle had 3 siblings. However, he brushed aside this thought for the while.

They requested the waiter to walk them to a table that could seat nine. The first option offered seemed less satisfying. Mehta Uncle was a man of perfection and choices. He preferred things in a particular way but he certainly was not of the adamant kind or was he? Rather he was very sweet, caring and really childlike possessive about his things. They finally managed to get a table. A little away from the center dining area, it was perfect for the conversations that were going to unfold.

The long rectangular table perfectly seated the nine charming diners at the hotel. The four elders sat on one side of the table whereas the five young ones on the other. Kirat chose to sit at the corner while Ashankit sat next to Vinuja and damn opposite to Sambhavna. This was really great as it would help him converse with both.

Vinuja wore a purple netted top with a light beige colour jeans. Her small built and fair complexion made her look sweet. Ashankit expected her to be in her school years, only to be proven wrong later! Sambhavna had worn a dark grey top with black pants. She was wearing heels of a decent height which made her look tall, elegant and mature. He would soon realise that the last characteristic should always be given a miss for Sambhavna.

They had opted for a buffet dinner at the restaurant. One by one everyone got up to grab a few quick bites. They all helped themselves with the snacks of their own choice. It was only when everyone was seated that conversations started taking pace. Everyone among the kids started exchanging information about what they were doing. Sounds boring and monotonous but that was it. One would certainly not expect individuals to exchange count of their relationships or kid stories, right in their first meeting!

Sambhavna and Vinuja had heard a lot of Ashankit from their father. They had an image of a person who would be drenched in an ocean of traditions and moralities. However, they had no idea how good he was at breaking prejudices and judgments. Also, little did either knew that they would find a very dear and loving friend in him.

A good forty-five minutes had passed away, since they had met and now they were slowly getting to know each other. Sambhavna was the dynamic individual who looked at life from a wider and an adventurous perspective while Vinuja was the serious and ‘playing it safe’ type. Gia was the cute little girl, who was often finding it difficult to grasp the pace at which the conversations were going. Kirat was definitely irritated and unable to fathom the present atmosphere, something which is totally usual for him.

The two Mehta daughters never left a chance to pull each others feet. One would laugh about the other’s late night coming home scenes while the other would shoot back with the immaturity displayed by the other while on a partying spree. Ashankit was the one to enjoy every teeny-tiny bit of it.

“You are the perfect child every parent would want,” said Sambhavna.

Ashankit replied, “There is perfection in everybody.”

“How is that possible.”

“It is! You just need to have a vision to see it.”

Sambhavna was amazed to see the positive and charismatic attitude this guy possessed. No complaints, no negative vibes and the most shocking – not even a pinch of laziness after a hard days work. He seemed to be a specie from a different planet! But Ashankit’s stories about his adventurous and crazy past episodes always gave a confirmation of him being a native of this planet.

Vinuja was finding it really amazing how Ashankit was getting along with everyone. At the first instance when her father had told him about the plan, she thought it would be boring and mundane. Though they were not doing anything more than just sit and talk, she was amazed to see how interesting it was turning out to be.

Ashankit had left no crazy adventurous of his past still folded. From his
27 game Beer pong streak in USA, his past love for whiskey, to his fun days in college, he proved to be a real entertainer and liver!. However, there was just one precious thing about his life that he preferred not to share!

Kirat was the one who spoke the least. He was thankful that his elder brother, Ashankit was not talking about devotion and divinity. Nevertheless, Kirat tried to prove that he was a little cool among his three siblings but ended up being greeted by –

“You are like a child,” by Vinuja.

He did not care much to speak later.

Mehta Uncle got up to grab a plate. He could see how the children were getting along so well, something that he desired so much in his heart. Ashankit had excused himself and walked up to Mehta Unlce to have a conversation with him. Mehta Uncle had remarked that he was happy to see all of them get along so well.

“You should try and exert a positive influence on them,” he said.

“The work has already started uncle!” remarked Ashankit.

This made Mehta Uncle really happy. The reply just came out with a pinch of spontaneity. He could well understand what Mehta Uncle was talking about but he was not working at anything. All that Ashankit knew was that he was not the kind who would take sides. The only side that he would take off, was spreading love and joy.

He could sense the airy atmosphere that was prevailing because of the complex equations existing between individuals in their family. Nevertheless, he had already made up his mind that this equation would be a thing soon forgotten and that there would soon be a blossoming of love.

No wonder time had just flied. It was almost 11 pm when they got up to leave. All they could see was empty chairs and tables all around. Their long conversations had not even made them realise that there were very few guests left. On their way to the lobby of the hotel Ashankit and Vinuja spoke about how interesting the dinner had turned out to be.

“I have not gone out with Dad’s friends since a long time but this was really nice. Did not expect it to be this good,” said Vinuja.

Ashankit said, ” Same here with me.”

So much more good was in store!

All of them were waiting at the lobby gate for their cars to come. Though they had got up to leave, the two groups – the elders and the children stayed intact. Mehta Uncle walked up to the children and gave a ear to what they were talking about.

He was all praises for Ashankit, “I can see how mature and vibrant you are. There is a lot of positivity in you and I would just wish for my children to learn this from you.”

“It will gradually come in them Uncle.”

“See how mature he is. You must learn from this guy,” Mehta uncle said to Sambhavna.

“Everyone is not the same papa.”

“Yes, but you can definitely try to be.”

Ashankit stepped in to cool things – “There is always a time for things to be the way they are supposed to be.”

Though Ashankit was not taking sides, Sambhavna felt good that he was not being judgemental about her. It was nice not to hear any more negative things, for a change! He was not being analytical but he could make out the misery and sorrow hovering over the Mehta family. Messed up father-daughter equation which seemed difficult to fix but not impossible. It was not that one was culprit and the other a victim. Both were victims to the changing wheels and play of time.

Suddenly Ashankit could recall all those sleepless and painful nights that he had gone through, a couple of years back. It would feel like as if a needle would be continuously pricking his heart. Those nights would never pass without him crying, with his head tucked deep inside the pillow. He just shook his head and let those memories fade away. Ashankit just said to himself, ” I am not going to let anyone go through a similar pain that I had to go through.”

He just smiled and took a deep breath. Feeling optimistic and positive that things would change very soon! Though there was uncertainty in how and when, there was complete certainty about his intentions to make things right.

Sambhavna and Ashankit exchanged their numbers and Vinuja exchanged her number with Dia. Kirat was as always, least interested. He did not certainly like being called a child either.

Both the families went separate ways. One excited and the other with a ray of positivity and hope. Ashankit was determined to make the impossible, become possible.

And it did happen!

(To be Continued….)

Smile when in a problem! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Smile when in a problem! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Only thing wise people do when a problem arises is smile. For living in knowledge has made them realise the ultimate truth – This too shall pass.โ€

Just reflect back on your life. All the problems that had come on your door, they knocked and bothered you for a while. Now they are just faded memories in the alley of memories lane.

Looking back on some would make you laugh at yourself for being bothered by them, isn’t it?

So why invest your precious energy stressing the mind with it. Just realise the problem and smile. Surely, smiling won’t solve the problem but it definitely won’t make it worse.

So just……SMILE ๐Ÿ˜Š

P.S. – The amazing person reading this now knows what to do when a problem comes up ๐Ÿ˜‰

To win or to loose?

To win or to loose?

If you would be offered a boon and there would be a choice –

‘You want to always win’


‘You want to always lose’

Which boon would you ask for?

The first one certainly! Like most of the wise people you would definitely ask to be granted a boon that would always make you the winner. That joy of sailing past everyone to leave them behind indeed seems blissful!

But I would choose the neither. For me it’s not a great thing to win nor is it bad to loose. I see beyond these two facets of life. There is a more deeper and subtle element beyond these two ‘learning.’

If you ask most of the successful people around the world that what propelled them to come to the pedestal they are upon, they would gleam and say- “it’s the failures.” It was not their victory that brought them success but their failures. The latter gave them a chance to introspect and dig deeper into their abilities.

It should never be about winning or loosing but about learning. Life is a constant journey to evolve and to grow. There are people who feel happy after winning and there are others who feel sad after loosing. I just look for the hidden wisdom in the occurrence of both the events!

How do you get over pain?๏ปฟ

How do you get over pain?๏ปฟ

Just realise that this is going to end, just like any other difficulty that was there in the past. Time is a big healer, it swings past the far extremes and brings forth the inevitable, the present. 

Besides just dwell on how could being engrossed in your pain do any good to you or others? Your life isn’t fair attitude can do nothing to make it good but it will only make it worse. Just drop it all and breath in and feel the joy in the air. A joy that does not cling to an object but is rooted in this very existence. Besides life is meant to be lived and not killed.

Wake up and bring a shift in your perspective. There is no end to pain but there is always a beginning to getting liberated from it. Fall in love with impermanance and embrace the perfect smile;)

The Answer of a Yogi

The Answer of a Yogi

Its been almost a year (One year,two months & 11 days precisely!) since I embraced Yoga. The journey since then has been surreal. There is an ocean of opportunities that seem to be within my reach, ever blowing winds of joy touching me and an abundance of blessings that keep showering love on me.

The journey from the outside has turned inward and the love that used to be confined has become my very nature. It has become difficult to get angry, feel depressed or feel disheartened for all these feelings have transcended to become bliss, that which remains unshakable come what may! Time seems to be working in accordance with me, efficient and reliant. It has become easier to accept the people as they are and have a greater understanding about what they feel. Giving has become my very nature, be it a box of sweets or a moment of joy, the moment feels totally incomplete if there is no one to share it with.

There is so much of change and yet it becomes difficult to answer the question people often ask- 

“What Change Has it Brought into Your life?”                                                    

There is so much to say and so much to show but everytime I answer this question I realise that it somehow always remains incomplete. For I am never able to explain the magnificent change it has brought into my life. For some it may seem to be a transformation, for some it may just seem to be a transition but to me it is transcendence. Oneness of this whole creation has now become a perceived reality, that which is absolute and truth. The love for the supreme has been discovered with an unmatched exuberance. It is difficult to explain in words completely, for words are not enough to do justice to it.

So the next time someone has this question, I would can only simply say –

“I can make you an offer that you can never refuse.” 

And the offer is – 

” You can give all your problems and sorrow to me and I promise to share all my love and all my joy with you.” ๐Ÿ˜Š



If you have a desire, wish or want that is sincere in nature, be rest assured that it will be fulfilled. Desires come naturally to everyone present in this creation but sincerity is what drives the nature to work towards fulfilling your dreams. 

So Be Sincere ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bridge the Adversities!ย 

Bridge the Adversities!ย 

There is a reason for everything that happens. Your going to bed early will enable you to get up early, your forgetting a 100 rupee note on the dining table may actually come in handy for your mother who is in a hurry to go and get the grocery. There is a subtle way in which all that is happening is interlinked which is beyond the average man’s contemplative mind. The mind though looks at things with complexity is comfortable with things that seem to be simple and steady.

We humans by our nature have a very unique habit of becoming victim conscious. A heartbreak, a scold from the boss or a flat tyre, all these adverse situations gives rise to a common question in our minds – Why does it always have to be me? Which is sure to remain unanswered, until sincerely enquired upon without a prejudice. This ultimately pushes you to a zone of contemplation where all the forces in the world seem to be making an attempt to cripple you from the inside and the outside. What is even more sad is that you don’t seem to find a way out it. You have grown so much used to it that you have chosen to accept that you are always going to be a lonely victim in this world’s unscrupulous play.

Indeed, life is complex and the way out to deal it is even more complex. You as an individual have to tackle an avenue of areas – relationships, family, business, personal space. To have a uniform approach across all of it seems to be a difficulty to everyone at large. You might be soft and humble in your relationship but rough and robust in at your business. It boils down to a complexity in your attitude which is justifiable given the roles that you need to play. But you must have heard about that mathematical principle which says – A minus and a minus makes a plus? Similarly, a complex life with an seeming to be achievable complex attitude makes everything a whole lot simple. You know what matters is not the degrees from Harvard, Stanford or any other reputed institution but what matters the most is your attitude! If a student of a reputed institution feels uncomfortable in working in an adverse scenario then what is the point of such ideal education. With the right kind of attitude one will surely find a way out of the adverse to realise and traverse to the desired goal.

You need to develop dispassion in the occurrence of events. They take place rapidly but our mind dwell on them deeply and for long. You need to try and be a little less attached to the things happening all around. For the way time moves, holding onto something would bring your life to a standstill that would make you escape from the enjoyment of the present. Sympathy, condoling and sorrow bring your energy levels to a low. You have to realise that all the problems in the world are not yours to own. Be gentle from the heart and if the need be, you may be a little rough or stern on the exterior as the situation may demand. Do not get caught in the grip of it for it will burden you and bring remorse.

Whatever is happening is happening for a reason. There are two kinds of attitude to deal with victim consciousness. Either you stick to it and accept that you are a victim of the world’s apathy towards you or you learn to face it with a spirited attitude. Be aware that what has already happened has already happened. There is no point on dwelling on it, it is wise to look the way forward and emanate a positive attitude. The complex situations are going to be complex ,there is no remedy to it. But the complexity of your dealing with them can easily be handled by developing the right kind of attitude. Tell me what is the significance of being happy if you have not felt the sadness in life? Would it make any sense at all? The adversities in life are not to dishearten you but to polish you and brighten you. Recalling about the adversities in your life will make you realise that they have indeed played a major role in making you stronger and better. Switch from being a victim to being a witness. You never think yourself as being a victim of to much of happiness? So witness the good and the bad with equality for there exists the diversity and it’s upon you to bring in the stability.

Contrasting Seas of Nature and Human Cravings

Contrasting Seas of Nature and Human Cravings

The earth revolves around the sun at a speed that is unfathomable. It also rotates at a high speed and yet amidst all of it, all the things down on earth are kept afixed, keeping the centre of gravity intact. No matter how much it rains through the day, or the number of sunburns that are recorded, neither does it matter whether it has stormed during the day or thundered during the night. The nights and days keep coming one after the other without a break,depicting the two great opposites that have been put into place. The leaves fall down on the ground and yet they make a spectacle so beautiful that it blossoms an expanse of love in our hearts. The birds chirping at the break of the dawn and the sun rays sneaking pass our doors and windows, makes the sleep and tiredness escape. The dead and laziness of the night gets submerged into the freshness and enthusiasm of the morning, a perfectly set play of the nature.

There is so much of vibrancy and tranquility in the natures’ play and yet being the most advanced of species, we get lost amongst the desires, cravings and the diversions that we illogically have seemed to create. We don’t remain centred and indulge in things that have no meaning which later on become a source of our very own misery. There seems to be so much of aversions to us against the play and we let ourselves get sinked into a solidarity of mankinds’ weird ways. We let the things of past haunt our present and foolishly dislodge our happiness and contentment that is just a stone’s throw away. Our sorrow and sacredness seems to be an out of this world theory to sooth our ego – “Why did it happened to me.” We seemed to be caught up in things to small to remain relevant with the passage of time and yet devote much of our time to it.

The things that have happened, are happening and which are going to happen have are beyond our control, much like the nature that swings it’s magical wand. The need to be is bring about a shift in our perceptivity and awareness. Perceiving the good and bad that exists and being aware that both lend meaning to the other. Standing at a window during a day and spooking outside the busy street to look at the trees and the cars honking past by is a dull sight to see after all, but a shift in perceiving them differently with a well defined awareness will make it seem a soothing sight after all. The trees lend shade and shelter to a variety of creatures, the passing cars resembles the events that we have gone through which now remain relevant and lost to our consciousness. Amidst the wide expanse of sight you see the only thing to matter is the witness residing right inside you. Day or night, bright or light, you are the one who witnesses it all throughout. Don’t get too caught up in the extremes of happiness or sorrow, just be centred and observe the great play and fall in line with the flow. Just as the ocean seems calm but yet the violent waves originate right from it, the same way the at times blissful and simple life seems to toss it all around. Be one with the ocean and not the emotion. You are a part of the vastness that brings joy and life into this life. Your place is beyond the perils that seems to rule the better of you. Let the sea of natures mirth get prominence over your inferior cravings. Let go of the sorrow and get hold of the celebration for the events of life are beyond your control but the mind that perceives it differently is yours to choose.

From The Difficult To Blissful

From The Difficult To Blissful

Many a times in life it has so happened that certain situations have cropped up that have put your strength and calibre to test. The determination and enthusiasm had seemed to fade and life seemed to be no less than a hell. Your conscience seemed to drain and your mental peace would have turned to a new low.

Relationships, career, or personal aspects it might have been, your life had surely seemed to be sent for a toss and your mind must have cornered you all the more. These stumbling blocks are sure to drive you down for they are here to get the better of you. You may feel like giving up on your mission, vision or even life but true to your nature this should not be the way.
It is said that getting a human life is so precious. Being the most advanced species, the onus lies on us to make this world a better place. So giving up should be the option that you must delete. The only way to move forward is remembrance of the past, drawing lessons from it and the existence of the paramount present. Look back in your life and you would see a host of problems that must have cropped up. The difficult times at school, struggles at getting your first job, making ends meet in times of recession or any other moment when it had all seemed to crumble. What do you realise? All these had come and so have they gone. Be sure to remember that all the situations that exist now will not exist later and so does the difficult times that have come.

It is not how strong are you that will help you move through it but your belief in the ultimate truth – nothing is constant, everything is changing and so will this difficult time. It will give rise to a joy, sooner or later for sure. It may take a while, must surely not be at your pace but it is bound to happen. You are destined to traverse an ocean of happiness and joy. It will be your very choice to jump into it to make life a celebration which you are destined to. The night sets to give rise to the sun at the break of dawn and so does difficulties adore your time to blossom seeds of infinite love. A postive attitude and a firm belief and faith in the supreme power that governs the existence is what you need to stand through it all. Seasons change, people do and so does the times. Have a gleaming smile on your face and let come what may, be calm, contented and just wait to move away from the difficult to the blissful.